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Aftermath Out on PC

Battlefield 3 gamers will be pleased to know that EA and DICE have now enabled the Aftermath downloadable content (DLC) for Battlefield 3 Premium.

The download actually started for me in the morning and weighs in at just over 2.4GB. The official website says the following about the update:

“Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation. With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives. Additional support comes in the form of heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles specially adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy.”

So having a look at the Battlefield 3 calendar, gamers on PC and Xbox 360 will be able to play Aftermath right now as long as they are Premium users. For the rest of the PC gamers, they will need to wait until 18 December in order to play.

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