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Team Profile: bvd.BF3

The Telkom Do Gaming Championships are sponsored by Alienware.

The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Do Gaming Championships (DGC) are just a few weeks away, as teams prepare themselves for the biggest prize pool ever seen in South African gaming. Bravado Gaming’s Battlefield 3 team, bvd.BF3, boasts some of the arguably most experienced players in the scene, and are a powerhouse in the local scene.

Let’s take a look at their line – up:

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

DGL 2013 Performance:

Bvd.BF3 has shown us once again this year why they have won multiple DGC titles in the past by putting together a completely unbeaten performance in the DGL this year. Arguably the best win streak in the DGL, bvd.BF3 has not taken a single loss or draw so far this year, and boast a 18 – 0 – 0 flawless record as they enter the DGC.

Although unbeaten in the DGL, bvd.BF3 has taken some losses in friendly matches throughout the year, but continues to shine when the pressure is on. The side remains unchanged from their DGL Legs, so you can expect a dominant display thanks to their wealth of talent and LAN experience.


Bvd.BF3 are the front – runners in the South African Battlefield scene, and if they continue with their current form, will continue to crush their opponents. It is up to the other teams in the DGC 2013 to take down this powerhouse, as they are by far the most feared opponents amongst local sides.

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