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The Best Smack Talkers in DGL History

"I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was." - Muhammad Ali

Who are the best smack talkers in the history of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL)? Let's put this to the vote.

Yesterday I wrote an article on the upcoming Bvd vs Bvd Black Ops 2 game in the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Playoffs and hinted at my hope that the game wouldn't end up being a non-event, which often happens when teams from the same clans go against each other as they take the match less seriously.

Bravado's Luca 'RoBoHoBo' Tucconi responded to my paragraph, especially my statement about matches turning into a 'bromance', by stating that this has also become a problem with matches in general. Here's what he said in the comments field:

    “That is what every single match has been turned into, a bromance between enemies, regardless if its between teams in the same organisation or not. People cant handle competitive banter and they wonder why so much of the excitement has been stripped from each individual match up. 1 comment and everyone is suddenly an arrogant #@#$. I think we need to listen to some "Ali" pre match recordings and learn how to talk some smack because the SA gaming community has been filled with a bunch of sensitive little girls who don't like there "feelings" to be messed with.”

The Battlefield 3 community are well known for their smack talk. Some love it. Some hate it. Several times I've seen Tyron 'Prokill' Bataille been told to calm down. Rynier 'Cranky' Schoeman has also made a name for himself as a man with a mouth (and allegedly head-butting players at events, although such allegations were never proved.) Do Gaming Starcraft 2 Champion, Radhe 'illidanRA' Stringer has often been accused of being arrogant. But so was Muhammad Ali. Who else in the scene is well known for their smack talk?

Here's an opportunity for us to smack talk about the smack talkers. Tell us who you think the best smack talker in DGL history is below. We'll then award the player who's getting the most votes in the comments the title of Do Gaming Smack Talk Champion and we'll see if they live up to their title this year (if they're still playing) or if they'll be dethroned come Do Gaming Championships time.

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