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Second full NSD Invitational Cast Available

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational, hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League, is in its final stages, but our casters, Norwood “Daskro” Carper and Johnny “[grrr]Ph4tso” Romanos, continue the hard work to create casted replays of the matches for us to see.

The second set of casts is the second match of Round One of the Invitational, and sees [SSG]Umshiniwam take on BzK-Furia. We have multiple perspectives from both sides, as well as Romanos’ free cam as perspectives, and the casting continues to be on a top professional level.

Here are the two maps:

Map One – Operation Metro:


Map Two – Siene Crossing:



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