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RFH BL – rAge knock out [NSD]SoL

The Telkom Do Gaming Championships are sponsored by Alienware.

RFH BL – rAge continue to surprise in the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming League by taking out the number two seed, [NSD]Sons of Liberty in the lower bracket round 2.5 match.

RFH BL – rAge were knocked down to the lower bracket in their opening round of the BF3 DGC by [NSD]Sons of Liberty. The game however went to a full three games, with RFH BL – rAge managing to take at least one round per map.

They then successfully bested [SSG]UW @ rAge to move themselves forward to once again face [NSD]Sons of Liberty, who were sent to the lower bracket by eLement – Lithium earlier today.

Their lower bracket rematch once again went all the way to three games, with the RFH BL – rAge side pulling out all the stops to overcome the Never Say Die squad.

The rounds went as follows:

Map One – Bazaar:

[NSD]SoL (US) 38 – 0 RFH BL – rAge
RFH Bl – rAge – 94 – 0 [NSD]SoL (US)

Map Two – Metro:

[NSD]SoL (US) 116 – 0 RFH BL – rAge
RFH BL – rAge 34 – 0 [NSD]SoL

Map Three – Tehran Crossing:

[NSD]SoL 0 – 63 RFH BL – rAge
RFH BL – rAge 0 – 34 [NSD]SoL

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsred by EA.

To keep up with the latest BF3 DGC results, just click on the link below:

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