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Poll: Battlefield 3 Premier Division Thursday Matches

There are two interesting matches tonight in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg, as four Premier Division teams finish off their final week matches. Both matches are set for an 8pm start, and if we are lucky there might even be a stream available.

[TE]Infamous need to pull out all the stops tonight if they are to take the victory against the favourites to win [NSD]Sons of Liberty. A win against the [NSD] side would put them above the BzK-Furia and eLement – Lithium team by one point, and since those two sides are each other’s final week match, a win for [TE]Infamous would provisionally ensure their fourth place at the end of the Winter Leg.

Tyron “Prokill” Bataille, vice – captain of the Never Say Die squad, said earlier this week that they were confident about the match, and feel that they would take the win, despite [TE]Infamous having improved vastly as I side.

Do you feel the same way as Bataille, or do you think [TE]Infamous might just put a loss onto the currently undefeated during the Winter Leg [NSD]Sons of Liberty side? Vote in the poll below and let us know.

[NSD]Sons of Liberty don't plan to lose anytime soon.
[TE]Infamous can't be discounted.

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The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Our second match puts bvd.BF3 and PewPewRampokkers against each other, as bvd.BF3 continues to be the other big contender for the first place finish come the end of the Winter Leg. Bvd.BF3 has an extreme win rate in the DGL, in this year and previous years, and through the evolution of BF3 and their leagues has now won a staggering 47 (or there abouts) games in a row in the DGL over the past few years.

PewPewRampokkers are debutants to the Premier Division during the Winter Leg, and have certainly showed improvement throughout. They have managed to get two wins under their belt in the Winter Leg, and an eighth position finish is not something to be scoffed at. A win, however unlikely, against the bvd.BF3 side would improve their standings, but unfortunately not by much.

Who do you think is going to conquer tonights match? Is bvd.BF3 going to make it to a 50 game win streak in the DGL, or could PewPewRampokkers have a blinder and manage to stump the Bravado side? Take the poll and comment below.

bvd.BF3 are just too strong.
PewPew Rampokkers will perform the miracle they need.

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