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Poll: BF3 First Division Sunday Action

All three of our Week Fives matches in the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg First Division are taking place on Sunday, as six teams fight it out in what are sure to be exciting games.

There are only eight teams left in the First Division after the retirement of Gs.Deliverance and [Bear]Apocalypse, so no teams are safe in the First Division come the end of the Winter Leg. All of our Week Five matches have been organised for Sunday at 8pm, so all of your First Division will be happening at the same time on the weekend.

Our first matchup sees [dM]ReBirth, our current sixth position side, take on RFH Dark Sentinels, who are in seventh. Both teams have struggled so far in the Winter Leg, but have definitely proven they know how to put up a fight, with [dM]ReBirth being some of the communities underdog favourites to take a couple of surprise wins.

RFH Dark Sentinels are still looking for their first win in the Winter Leg, but are still fighting hard every week to try and achieve that goal. If they beat [dM]ReBirth this week will move up into sixth place ahead of the Divided Motion team as they enter Week Six of the Leg.

Who do you think will take the game? Or [dM]ReBirth going to get the win, or are RFH Dark Sentinels going to get the win they desperately need? Vote below and let us know.

[dM]Rebirth will get the win.
RFH Dark Sentinels will finally get the win they need.

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[NSD]Sons Of Chaos is facing off against RoG~ZA~SABERTOOTH[XL] in the second matchup for this week, as the Republic of Gamers squad still searches for their first win in the Leg. [NSD]Sons Of Chaos is in better shape than their opponents this week, and are sitting in the middle of the pack with a 2 – 0 – 1 standing so far.

A win for the [NSD]Sons of Chaos side this week will put them in tied third place with [SSG]Packet Loss, as the Super Serial Gamers side has a bye this week.

Do you think they will be able to get onto the podium by the start of Week Six? Or are RoG~ZA~SABERTOOTH[XL] going to cause an upset? Poll it out below.

[NSD]Sons of Chaos are in it to win it.
RoG~ZA~SABERTOOTH[XL] will defeat their opponents.

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The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Our final First Division matchup for Week Five is DvGǂMisFiTs battle against the other Rebels From Hell side, RFH Death Guard. DvGǂMisFiTs are the hot favourites to win the First Division for the Winter Leg, and are currently on a 16 game win streak in the DGL 2013.

RFH Death Guard is doing much better than their brother side in the First Division, and are currently in fourth place with a 2 – 0 – 2 standing. A win this week would actually put them into third position ahead of [SSG]Packet Loss by one point, and ever closer to the Winter Leg Playoffs.

Do you think RFH have it in them to relieve DvGǂMisFiTs of their win streak? Or are the Devitation Gaming side just too strong. Let’s poll it out.

DvGǂMisFiTs are just too strong.
RFH Death Guard will cause an upset.

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