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[NSD]SoL One Win Away

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield (BF3) Invitational, hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League, has been taking place over the course of this month, with the tournament reaching its first climax this weekend as eLement – Lithium took on [NSD]Sons of Liberty in the first final match.

The NSD squad was under supreme pressure entering the final, as eLement – Lithium was the side that sent them to the lower bracket of the Invitational in Round Two of the competition. This however did not seem to faze [NSD]Sons of Liberty, as they proceeded to cut their way through the lower bracket to get themselves into the final, and a rematch against eLement – Lithium.

They were further at a disadvantage thanks to eLement – Lithium coming from the Winner Bracket, as they entered the final with a one game advantage, meaning [NSD]Sons of Liberty would have to win two matches in a row to take poll position.

Unfortunately for eLement – Lithium [NSD]Sons of Liberty had that exact plan in mind, and although things looked worrying at first, soon turned well into the Never Say Die teams favour. The rounds were as follows:

Map One – Epicentre:

  • NSD (RU) 0 -77 (US) eLement
  • NSD (US) 164 - 0 (RU) eLement

Map Two – Sharqi:

  • NSD (US) 173 - 0 (RU) eLement
  • NSD (RU) 65 - 0 (US) eLement [/list]

    With one win under the belt, [NSD]Sons of Liberty now have to face the eLement squad again if they want to win their own Invitational, and is sure to be an intense match. The game is schedule for tomorrow (Tuesday 1 October) evening, and we should hopefully have Johnny “Ph4tso” Romanos on freecam so you can catch all the action live. A link to his stream can be found below:

    If [NSD]Sons Of Liberty win their own Invitational, it could well be the confidence booster the Never Say Die squad needs to cause an upset this year at the Telkom Do Gaming Championships later this week, and possibly even win two competitions within one week.

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