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NSD Invitational First Game Cast Available

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational, hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL).is being cast by well-known international BF3 caster Norwood “Daskro” Carper, and is joined by local caster Johnny “[grrr]Ph4tso” Romanos to bring us all the action from the Invitational.

Romanos has been hard at work together with the help of Carper putting together all the footage from the different perspectives combined with his own free-cam, and first fully casted match is already up for viewing on YouTube.

The opening match of the NSD Invitational was =iK=Syntax versus RFH Black Legion, and both teams really put in a sterling effort to showcase South African gaming, as the matches were tight and highly entertaining.
The addition of this kind of casting brings a fresh new addition to the local scene, and Romanos does well to hold his own while casting with the famed Carper. Check Out the two maps here:

Map One – SienneCrossing

Map Two – Damavand Peak

Telkom Do Gaming will bring updates as more games arrive on the channel, or you can keep an eye on Romanos and Carper’s YouTube Channels below:



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