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NSD Continues Convincingly in BF3 Premier

NSD Sons of Liberty are continuing to show their strength in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 after taking out Immersion (iM) Redemption on Bazaar and Metro.

Danie 'Heckers' Nell, captain of NSD Sons of Liberty, says the match originally started with lag problems for both teams but once they got passed that, iM used a very interesting strat on Bazaar.

“They stuck a lot of people on B and that caught us off guard,” he says.

Vice-captain Theuns 'Alpha_Renji' Louw also found this strat interesting, saying at the match thread that it was the “Weirdest, most passive Bazaar I have ever played... [it was] truly a unique approach. [I haven't] seen [that] from any other clan.”

The strategy saw iM take the first round with 52 tickets on hand. But NSD came back after that and put pressure on the APC, keeping a lead throughout the rest of the match. The second round on Bazaar ended with NSD having 141 tickets to NSD's zero.

“The second map, Metro, was something we had never really played before,” says Nell. “But our infantry is much stronger this year and we won both rounds. However, it was a bit messy and they got passed us a number of times.”

The ticket count on Metro saw NSD take the first round with 247 tickets on hand, with the second round being much closer at 59 tickets (NSD) to zero (iM).

It's a key win for NSD in the Summer Leg. The votes in last week's poll saw the community betting on NSD winning, with 59 percent of votes to NSD and 41 percent to iM. It was a close vote. Bravado's Sean 'ScopeR' McCalgan commented by saying that he saw it as more a 50 / 50 situation.

“In my opinion the only 50/50 game is the first one between NSD and iM, SSG and Aquila should take wins no problem. It will be interesting to see the map choices in the NSD/iM match,” he said. It would be interesting to hear comments on the map choices now.

McCalgan and the community's votes to SSG and Aquila winning their games against [TE]Infamous and Hawks, respectively, proved right. All of the rest of the week's action coming in another story.

It's not a clear run for NSD yet – they're still due to face the rest of the current top dogs in the log in the form of ASF Aquila, Bravado and SSG. This week they face [SiB]Hammer. Their next big challenge for the Leg will come in week 5 against [SSG] Umshiniwam.

Conversely, this loss puts iM on a bit of a backfoot with two losses to their name (the first against Bravado in the first week). With their new line-up and these challenging games in the beginning, iM are going to have to work hard to stay on top in the Summer Leg and get a good placing for the Playoffs.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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