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NSD Takes SSG; Bravado Next?

At 8pm last night two powerhouses in Battlefield 3 clashed in what was a deciding match for the Summer Leg of the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013. Who were these powerhouses? None other than NSD Sons of Liberty and SSG Umshiniwam, in a make-or-break game that saw SSG pushed further down the log (after they lost to Bravado) as NSD emerged the victors, giving themselves a run in taking first place this leg and proving the community wrong.

That last statement is in reference to the poll on the match where, by the time the poll had closed, 53 percent of gamers voted in favour of an SSG win.

It certainly wasn't an easy match for either team. The game was played on Bazaar and Sharqi and you can see how close the ticket counts were at the end of the day:

NSD (RU) 78 - 0 SSG
NSD (US) 119 - 0 SSG

NSD (US) 0 - 20 SSG
NSD (RU) 48 - 0 SSG

Nicholas 'Shizznazz' Hayes from NSD says Sharqi was something of a nailbiter, not to take away the stress in Bazaar.

“That Sharqi round was probably the most hectic Sharqi round of this whole leg of the DGL,” he laughs.

NSD were much more dominant on Bazaar with armour, which enabled the team to push SSG's back flag when they lost B, Hayes says.

“It also meant that we were able to counter their pushes onto our back flag,” he says. “So we ended up having more flags than SSG, most of the time.”

The result was what he calls a “pretty convincing win” on both rounds of Bazaar. But then things got really tense.

“Sharqi was a totally different beast. We started defence and were looking very strong, but somehow SSG managed to get a flank all the way around us and put pressure on C. This, combined with a powerful push onto, A put us totally on the back foot.

“But somehow, despite a few mishaps and surprises, including losing our tank to SSG, we managed to only lose our defence round by 20 tickets, which we felt we could beat going into the attacking round.

“This proved to be a little harder than anticipated though. We also tried to take SSG's tank and failed many times, losing many tickets in the process. We actually began to lose focus and started playing extremely sloppily in this round but some good leadership got us all regrouped and I eventually managed to steal the SSG tank.”?

Hayes basically held B by himself for quite a long time and rallied the team very well, “through tons of shouting,” as he puts it.

“Once we had their tank it was game over and we could bleed SSG down to our victory. We managed to win by 48 tickets without any extremely sneaky moves and some solid gameplay. There were still many mistakes in the second round though as Prokill manages to ride over every member of our team during the course of the round,” he laughs. “We were very sloppy in that second round but because we held an iron grip on A and B we bled SSG's tickets and got the win. Getting their tank toward the end was what sealed the win.”

So, onto their Bravado game, which looks like it'll take place on Monday, 11 March. Now that SSG has lost two games, the battle for first place is now between NSD and Bravado. Both teams will go in all guns blazing, no doubt. So how does Hayes feel about this upcoming showdown?

“It's going to be harder than playing SSG. We're going into the match wanting a win. But if we lose we want it to at least be a close one. We're tired of BvD sitting comfy at the top. If we can't beat them maybe we can at least shake them a little,” he says.

We'll see. We'll post a poll next week for gamers to start weighing in on how this is all going to end.

Catch up on the streams of last night's games at these links:

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Coweater (SSG Engineer / Roamer) – see his Twitch TV page.
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