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NSD BF3 Invitational – First Finalist Decided

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational continues to surprise as our four remaining teams fight for their lives in this exclusive competition. Last night saw our winner’s bracket meet head to head to decide who will become our first finalist in the Invitational.

It was =iK=Syntax and eLement – Lithium that fought for their lives last night, with both teams showing great form over the past few weeks. =iK= Syntax has shown that they are definitely not a team to be scoffed at, as their recent Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) history put them at an almost 30 game win streak in the DGL before they were taken down by RFH Black Legion, but still qualified for the Do Gaming Championships.

eLement – Lithium didn’t have to go through the Playoffs to get themselves a DGC spot, but the team has clearly been up to something during their downtime, as they have shown an incredible new form over the past few weeks, and really look to have tightened their game.

Having taken down [NSD] Sons Of Liberty in the second round of their own Invitational, eLement – Lithium continue to quietly surprise, as they managed to take down =iK=Syntax last night as well, making them the first of our Finalists in the NSD BF3 Invitational.

They will now have to wait for the loser’s bracket to sort themselves out before taking a stab at poll position, but will come in with a winner’s bracket advantage in the final. Has eLement – Lithium has quickly become the favourite to win the whole Invitational, or are they getting lucky? Give us your thoughts below.

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