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NSD BF3 Squad Makes Invitational Finals

[NSD]Sons Of Liberty has managed to fight their way all the way through the lower bracket of the Never Say Die Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational and get themselves into the final, thanks to a win against =iK=Syntax yesterday evening.

The NSD squad managed to win all four rounds against the IconiK Gaming side, with their two maps being Sharqi and Bazaar. The round scores were:

Map One, Sharqi:

  • [NSD]Sons Of Liberty (US) 176 - 0 (RU) =iK=Syntax
  • [NSD]Sons Of Liberty (RU) 40 - 0 (US) =iK=Syntax

Map Two, Bazaar:

  • [NSD]Sons Of Liberty (RU) 60 - 0 (US) =iK=Syntax
  • [NSD]Sons Of Liberty (US) 88 - 0 (RU) =iK=Syntax

They are now awaited by eLement – Lithium, the unbeaten side so far in the invitational and winners of the upper bracket, who will come into the final with the advantage. eLement – Lithium was the team that sent the NSD down to the lower bracket, so they will have to get revenge if they are going to take home the prize.

The final has yet to be scheduled, but Do Gaming will report back once a time has been confirmed.

Do you think [NSD]Sons of Liberty are going to best eLement – Lithium, or do you think we are going to see a repeat of Round 2 of the Invitational? Give your predictions below.

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