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NSD BF3 Invitational Lower Bracket Sunday

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational takes place over the course of this month, and Sunday sees two of our lower bracket Round 2.5 matches being played, as four teams fight for their lives in the competition.

Both matchups are due to take place on Sunday at 8pm, and there will hopefully be streaming available for both matches.

Our first matchup sees the hosts of the tournament, [NSD]Sons of Liberty, fighting for their lives against BzK-Furia, after eLement – Lithium managed to knock the NSD squad into the lower bracket. The pressure is on the [NSD] side to perform, as they were definitely among the favourites to win from the outset of the Invitational.

BzK-Furia has gone from strength to strength as a team this year, and managed a solid fourth place in the BF3 Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg, securing them a spot at DGC later this year. They were taken down to the lower bracket in the first round of the invitational thanks to a strong performance from [SSG] Umshiniwam, but have since bounced back to beat RFH Black Legion, a team that looked to be on top of their game in the DGL over the past few weeks.

Who is your favourite to win? Are [NSD]Sons of Liberty going to manage to navigate their way through the lower bracket, or are BzK-Furia going to knock them out of their own Invitational? Vote in the poll below and give your predictions.

My money is on [NSD]Sons of Liberty
BzK-Furia will take the win.

This poll closed on: 16 Sep 2013 6:00 am

Our second matchup for the day puts [SSG] Umshiniwam against [TE]Infamous, our sixth and fifth place teams from the DGL Winter Leg respectively. [SSG] Umshiniwam actually won their first round match in the Invitational to knock BzK-Furia into the lower bracket, but were then taken down by =iK=Syntax in round two.

They now fight for their life against [TE]Infamous, a team that took them down in their last DGL meeting during the Winter Leg. The Elite squad is one of the Premier Division regulars in the BF3 DGL, but still struggle against some of the more experienced sides.

Who is your favourites for this matchup? Are [TE]Infamous going to best [SSG] Umshiniwam again, or are [SSG] Umshiniwam going to get revenge for their Winter Leg loss? Take the poll and let us know.

[TE]Infamous are my favourites
[SSG] Umshiniwam will conquer their foes.

This poll closed on: 16 Sep 2013 6:00 am

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