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NSD BF3 Invitational - Game Three Cast

The Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational takes place over the course of this month, and the casted replays have slowly but surely been making themselves available on YouTube, thanks to the hard work of Norwood “Daskro” Carper and Johnny “[grrr]Ph4tso” Romanos.

The third cast still sees us in Round One of the Invitational, and shows [TE]Infamous take on eLement – Lithium. With the advantage of having multiple perspectives and a freecam, Carper and Romanos continue to give professional level replays that truly highlight the local scene.

Here are the two maps:

Map One – Operation Metro:


Map Two – Seine Crossing:




The NSD BF3 Invitational is hosted by Telkom Do Gaming League.

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