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NSD BF3 Invitational Down to Four Teams

Our Never Say Die (NSD) Battlefield 3 (BF3) Invitational is finally into its semi finals, as the last four teams left in the competition fight it out in this exclusive competition. Our lower bracket Round 2.5 took place last night, as four teams fought for their lives in the tournament.

=iK=Syntax and eLement – Lithium are our undefeated teams in the winners bracket so far in the Invitational, and make up our first two teams in the semi finals.

[NSD]Sons Of Liberty managed to overcome BzK-Furia in the lower bracket’s first matchup to keep themselves alive in their own tournament, and is our first team from the lower bracket to join the semi final in the lower bracket.

[SSG] Umshiniwam managed to get revenge for a Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Winter Leg loss after taking down [TE]Infamous last night to make themselves the last semi final team in the Invitational.

Our winner’s bracket semi is set to take place tomorrow evening (Tuesday 17 September), with our lower bracket semi the following day. =iK=Syntax and eLement – Lithium have confirmed their time for 8:30pm tomorrow, but unfortunately the other match thread has yet to see any action.

The NSD Invitational is definitely a great sign of things to come at the Do Gaming Championships early next month, as new teams seem to be showing surprising form just weeks before the tournament.

Who are your favourites for our semi final matches? Give your predictions below and let us know.

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