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Looking Back at Battlefield 3 in 2012

The Battlefield 3 DGL has come to an end for the 2012 season and it's been a great one, seeing Bravado Gaming take the win at the Do Gaming Championships (DGC) at rAge.

Let's quickly look at what happened there. Bravado went up against ASF in the finals which were incredibly close as both teams were deserving. Bravado took the first map on Seine crossing by winning 42 – 20 while ASF fought back in the second map on Karkand by winning 145 – 61.

Bravado winning the Battlefield 3 Do Gaming Championships Bravado winning the Battlefield 3 Do Gaming Championships

As the teams headed into the final map, Damavand Peak, everyone knew it would be a tense one. Bravado and ASF both played some really good Battlefield with a number of capture points switching throughout the game. Bravado ended up taking the third map more convincingly than the first and were crowned the 2012 DGC Battlefield 3 winners, walking away with R45,000 sponsored by EA and Gaming Inc as well as eight Alienware X51 PC’s courtesy of Alienware.

In light of such an awesome event and Final, we thought a recap of the year's Battlefield 3 gaming is in order as we look at just how far the teams have come throughout 2012.

ASF take second place at the Do Gaming Championships ASF take second place at the Do Gaming Championships

Leg One

The first leg of the Battlefield 3 DGL was a great one and saw a number of teams taking part – 57 teams entered and these were divided into groups of seven to decide on the top spots in the next leg.

Teams like the former First in Battle (FiB), Bravado Gaming, Never Say Die (NSD) Sons of Anarchy, Super Serial Gamers (SSG) Umshiniwam, Strength in Brotherhood (SiB) Hammer, Never Back Down (NBD) The Patriots, Damage Control (DC) and oNe Unity all finished top of their respective tables and were undefeated in the first leg.

First in Battle First in Battle

The top teams from each group were then pushed through into the Playoffs in the
Champions Cup. Each team that won their first game in the Cup were secured a spot in the Premier Division for the second leg. FiB and Bravado were the two finalists and FiB were able to clinch the win on Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing by around 80 tickets per map.

Leg Two

The second leg started at the end of April and had just the top eight final qualifying teams in it. Looking back now, half of those teams that made it have either retired or formed new teams. Interestingly enough, the two DGC finalists topped off the group. Bravado Gaming were undefeated in the Premier League with ASF finishing second and winners of the first leg playoff, FiB, finishing third. Since then, FiB, DC, NSD (SoA) and NBD have all retired.

The Playoffs for leg two changed somewhat and gave the teams in the First Division a chance to show their strength against the top teams in the country. Bravado had another rematch against FiB in the playoffs, this time in the semi-final, and went on to face NSD Sons of Liberty who took down ASF AquilA in the other semi-final.

Insert generic Battlefield 3 screenshot here. Insert generic Battlefield 3 screenshot here.

The final between Bvd and ASF was interesting but not as close as one may have liked. Bravado took Grand Bazaar by over 150 tickets and then took Tehran Highway by over 250 tickets.

Leg Three

The final leg of the year had some more interesting results with Gs.Phoenix breaking into the top division and placing fourth at the end of the leg. Bravado once again took the top spot, undefeated as they were in the last two legs, while NSD took the second spot on 17 points. Also on 17 points was ASF who lost to NSD, resulting in them taking the third spot in the leg.

The Champions Cup, beginning at the end of August, was where it would all go down for the final placings in the DGC. Bravado took yet another win, this time over Gs.Phoenix in the finals – and if you thought the previous final was convincing, brace yourselves: Bravado won Grand Bazaar by 170 tickets per side and also took Tehran Highway by a ridiculous margin of 209, and then 169, to give them the win in the Champions Cup for the third leg.

ASF vs. SSG in the third leg of the DGL ASF vs. SSG in the third leg of the DGL

Interestingly enough, there were two ‘new’ teams to the playoff bracket that reached the semi-final and those were Gs and BFC Pubh3ro3s (Pubheroes). The top part of the bracket saw Bravado beating SSG and ASF beating TE which led them to have yet another face-off; but this time before getting to the Final.

The Do Gaming Championships (DGC)

DGC 2012 was held at rAge this year and it was very interesting as things were a lot closer than they ever have been online. Bravado first went up against BFC while ASF took on NSD in their first round. SSG also beat Divine Gaming to jump into the semi-finals while Gs took down The Elite.

ASF were able to hand down a veritable beating to Gs to advance into the finals of the DGC while SSG put up a fight against Bravado. But it just wasn’t to be as Bravado maintained their fine form from throughout the year.

SSG went into the third round playoff against Gs and they were able to secure the third spot while Gs moved into fourth. Both teams did really well to get as far as they did because Gs was seen as something of a ‘relatively new team’ even though it was made up of veterans, and SSG didn’t make much of an impact on the Premier Division throughout the year until the time when it really counted. Having said that, SSG definitely showed improvement throughout the year as they took sixth place in the second leg and fifth place in the third leg.

Looking Forward

The results throughout the year interest me and tell me a number of things. The first is that the team that stays together wins together. Bravado started at the beginning of the year with a team that hardly changed throughout and they were able to remain undefeated all the way up until the final game of 2012 where they lost a map to ASF.

It also tells me that the competition in South Africa for Battlefield 3 is quite stiff. ASF were able to put in a great amount of work going forward throughout the year and, as can be seen by the results, great progress was made for the team and both teams are deserving of praise. The same applies to all the teams who played in the DGC actually because everyone could see that the level of play was slightly elevated by having the presence of other gamers around and the fact that it was the largest Battlefield 3 competition in the country.

Battlefield 3 will be continuing in the 2013 season of the Do Gaming League and we are hoping to see many of the teams come back to the list and try again for a spot at the 2013 DGC where defending champions, Bravado Gaming, will have some work to do while playing under the pressure of being the 2012 Champions. Keep your eye on the DGL website for news on when registrations open.

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