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Interview with eLement Gaming Co – Owner Andre “ClwN” Wills

With the start of the Winter Leg came a new name to the MGO’s populating the Telkom Do Gaming League, as eLement Gaming found its place amongst the top dogs in South African Gaming. eLement Gaming picked up two ASF sides from the Summer Leg to represent them, =ASF=Aquila in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) League (now eLement – Lithium), and =ASF=qwe from the Black Ops 2 (Blops 2) League (now known as eLement – qwe).

eLement – Lithium have carried on their dominant streak shown in the Summer Playoffs, and are currently leading the Premier Division for BF3 with a 4 – 0 – 0 score so far. The Blops 2 side is struggling so far, but have proven in the past that they have the fighting spirit it takes to win games.

Do Gaming caught up with Andre “ClwN” Wills, co – owner of eLementGaming, to find out about how it came to be and its plans for the future.

Do Gaming (DG): Hi ClwN, please introduce yourself and your team.

Hey, my name is Andre "ClwN" Wills and i represent Element Gaming. Everyone would know me from the ASF team that placed second in the Do Gaming Championship last year for Battlefield 3. Since then i have been quite busy with my studies, but slowly and surely my partner in crime, Joel "JokeRbb" Perdigao, and I have been building up a platform for Element Gaming.

DG: What is Element Gaming, and how did it come about?

Element Gaming is a new team and initiative that Joel and I have started.The idea behind the team is to bring likeminded teams together, to support and build them. Apart from our plans for the teams, we would very much like to give back to the community in various ways. Together with our partner, Gigabyte, we have started looking at the future of gaming in South Africa and over time, we hope to bring new and innovative ways to grow gaming.

Andre "ClwN" Wills.

DG: Which teams are currently representing your organization?

Currently we have a Battlefield 3 team, Black Ops 2 team, Starcraft 2 team and a Dota 2 team that just signed with us. The announcement for the team will be made within the next week or so, we are just finalizing some small details. All in all, we are very excited with the way the teams are shaping up.

DG: What are your plans going into the next year?

There is a website for Element Gaming currently under development.The final touches on the site should be completed in the next month, with some functionality tests still needed to be done. The website will be where we communicate with the community, and run promotions for our sponsors. All the news of our players, teams and other events will be relayed via the website, so it is a very high priority for us.

DG: Any more plans to expand? Are you looking for any more teams to represent you in the DGL?

Apart from the website, we have intentions of finding a League of Legends team to represent us in the DGL. The team will conclude our portfolio for this current year, from then on we will concentrate on bringing on support for the teams and the games they are playing.

DG: Where can interested parties find more information about your team?

There is an active Facebook page that we will be using in the coming days to offer information to the public. At this specific point in time there is a promotion we are running with Gigabyte. They have been very gracious in giving us a G1.Sniper 3 Motherboard to give away to a random community member. Check it out .

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