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IM and BvD End BF3 First Week

Last night, Immersion Redemption (iM) and Bravado ended off the first week of play in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg, in what turned out to be quite a long match that saw iM come back strongly on both Bazaar and Seine in each map's second round.

It wasn't enough, however, which allowed for Bravado to take the match. Bazaar saw ticket counts of 109 to zero and then 47 to 0 (both to Bravado), while Seine saw 204 to zero and then 23 to 0 (both to Bravado).

“Everyone loves to play Bazaar and what tends to happen is people end up in stale mates,” says Bravado captain, Barry 'Anthrax' Louzada.

Bravado were mixing things up, especially on Siene, due to the fact that the team were joined by newcomer Daniel 'Crincler' Towse.

“We were trying a lot of new things throughout the match to get the squad set up right,” says Louzada. IM captain, Ricky 'Jalgorty' Schlenk, says he quite enjoying watching Bravado mix things up on Siene. He is also happy with his team's performance, despite the loss.

“We did lose but that gap of difference has been narrowed down quite a lot, I would say,” he says. “I think we did really well. Once the guys get more settled and focussed things are going to get more exciting,”

At the match thread, Louzada is all praises for iM's strategy on Bazaar. He also mentioned to Do Gaming that he was impressed with the team.

“The guys have gone through a lot of changes and they really did themselves proud,” he says.

It seems that Bravado's Sean 'ScopeR' McCalgan, Dean 'HackeM' Seyfried and Thomas 'Steigerz' Reid played very well in the match.

“McCalgan made the right counter calls to the pushes we [iM] made and was in the right places when he needed to be from my game point of view,” says Schlenk.

“Seyfried was really patient with the armour and Reid was involved in a few crucial flanks as well as pushes which helped the team a lot,” says Louzada.

IM's beginning to the season is rather interesting in terms of how the matches have been laid out. IM's got another big match this week against NSD Sons of Liberty, which has been scheduled for Sunday.

Meanwhile, Bravado is facing [grrr]Baggers tonight. It'll be interesting to see how Bravado does in the beginning of the season, given that team mates are putting in a lot of practice for the Nations Cup, which has maps in it that aren't being featured in the DGL.

This week's results put [TE]Infamous, Bravado, SSG Umshiniwam, ASF AquilA and [NSD]Sons of Liberty in the top five spots.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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