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IK Syntax Feeling Good about BF3 Premier

IconiK Gaming (iK) Syntax were the number one First Division team in the EA Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg, topping things off with 32 points, three points ahead of BzK-Furia who we interviewed last week.

The team (see the full line-up here) only started playing as Iconik in the third leg of the DGL 2012. They had a good run, however, especially with strong competition in the form of Vi and SSG Packet Loss. From there, as captain Frederick Schalk 'CrYo_ZA' Montgomery explains, it was off to the Do Gaming Championships (DGC).

“Once we got there it was amazing to see the level of competitive play that the top teams brought to the table. All in all we did not perform very well but once the 2013 season started we were back on our feet and gunning it for a spot in Prem,” he says.

That is now becoming a reality as the team are a top contender in the Summer Premier Playoffs. They're already ousted PewPew Rampokkers but still have to face [grrr]Baggers and [SiB]Hammer in Group B.

But how did they find things in the Summer Leg in the First Division? Montgomery explains:

“The level of competition from teams within the First Division was superb. Coming from the Champions Cup in the previous Battlefield 3 DGL tournament in 2012 we had a strong drive to compete on a serious level and to get into the Premier Division.

“Probably the biggest match was the BzK Furia game. Players from both teams were psyched and the game was going to be a close one for sure, seeing as both teams had been practicing hard and strats had been sorted. The match was an intense one, with us winning the first map and feeling confident heading into the second map,” he says.

It certainly was intense. BzK put up a “heroic fight” on the second map and defeated iK by one ticket. Things then had to go to a third map.

“We finally managed to beat them with solid teamwork. It was spectacular seeing how players stepped up their games to show how much they wanted the win, and that's what makes the competition so great,” he says.

Montgomery adds that it was also great seeing teams such as PewPew, HpX Demons and RFH going all out in the competition with good games throughout the leg.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

“All in all we feel that First Division is an excellent opportunity to develop teamwork and to test your skills as a competitive team.”

Looking at the playoffs, Montgomery says that SiB Hammer are the top contenders for the first spot in Group B.

“Both Grrr and SiB had experience in the Premier Division and we feel that they are definitely going to strut their stuff when it comes down to match time. Also, PewPew should definitely not be understimated, they have a great team and they work together really well. All in all the playoffs in Group B should be good!”

The team is feeling confident about getting into Prem. Montgomery says they've been eyeing a Premier spot since last year.

“One thing is for sure, the guys will always give it their best shot, so we are very keen on facing the teams in the playoffs to see if we would be able to give the top teams a challenge. Our line-up is looking strong. Since Dylan 'RevolT' Schidlowski joined us and started playing in our core eight, we feel that we've become stronger and even more competitive.

“Iconik will however always strive to have good vibes all around and social gaming is a big part of the clan. In summation, everything's good and everyone's feeling great!”

We put forward one final question for Montgomery – what does he think of Battlefield 4 (BF4)?

“Honestly the Fishing in Baku trailer looked really awesome, with new weapons, stunning visuals and the cool new setting for the game. Currently though a lot of players have issues with BF3, and we feel that if EA takes into consideration these issues and suggestions from the gaming community then BF4 could turn out to be an amazing game.

“As to the competitive play in BF4, we will be looking forward to it that's for sure – just waiting to see some multiplayer gameplay first.”

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA South Africa.

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