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eLement – Lithium Grab Provisional Third Place

eLement – Lithium managed to secure themselves a provisional third place finish in Premier Division for the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg after besting BzK – Furia last night in their final match of the Leg.

The eLement Gaming and BeZerK Gaming side were tied for third place as they entered their final match, so both teams knew they were fighting for the podium finish in the Winter Leg as they entered last nights exciting match.

Johan “Zaphire” Heymans, captain of the BzK-Furia side, has already written up a full match report on BeZerK Gaming Forums, so we are able to get some perspective on last nights game. Here’s a brief description of what went down:

Map One, Bazaar:

BzK-Furia started off strong by managing to get to and capture the B flag early, and successfully held eLement off for awhile. The BeZerK Gaming squad kept on abusing the holes in the eLement defense by capturing their back point a few times.

Joel “JokeRbb” Perdigao was on top form in the eLement side however, and managed 80 kills for seven deaths by the end of round one. Some strategic mine placements from Perdigao’s side eventually got eLement – Lithium the advantage which they kept to the end, and won the first round with 30 tickets to spare.

Round two started similar to round one, as BzK-Furia managed to take their home flag and B flag at the start of the round. After getting a substantial lead of almost 100 tickets, the BzK squad looked fit to get the win on round two, but eLement fought back hard and managed to sneak to BzK’s back flag, taking down a player on their way and establishing a defense outside of the base, not allowing BzK to pass.

The Bezerk Gaming side did manage to get out of their base and take their points back, but their lead had been decimated to the point where it was impossible for them to win the round, and eventually lost by 38 tickets.

Map Two, Terhan:

BzK-Furia was forced into an awkward position, as they were hoping to win the first map and let the second map be Seine Crossing, but with not everything going according to plan, they had to plough on with Tehran, not a preferred map for the BeZerK gaming side.

eLement’s tank was the shining knight in the second map, as BzK-Furia tried unsuccessfully again and again to try and take it down. Although at one stage Furia managed to capture all three points, eLement soon just stormed onto the B flag, breaking the defense with potent tank and infantry play.

BzK – Furia were just not able to put up the defense they needed in both rounds on Tehran, and eLement – Gaming pushed their way through to two more convincing round victories to take the series 2 – 0, and secure their provisional third place finish.

If you missed out on the action and want to see what went down, you can head on over to Samuel “Soutified” Tingle’s stream to watch the game, just click on the link below:

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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