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eLement Gaming Acquires new BF3 Team

Do Gaming managed to catch up with co-owner of eLement Gaming, Andre “ClwN” Wills, to chat about their latest acquisition to the eLement Gaming initiative in the form of another Battlefield 3 side.

DvGǂMisFiTs is currently undefeated in First Division for the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg, and have shown themselves to be an increasingly strong side throughout the year, and the communities favourites to go up to Premier Division in the near future.

Wills was approached by Joel “JokeRbb” Perdigao shortly after the Deviation Gaming side had spoken to him about joining up with eLement Gaming. After a short discussion about what it would mean for the organisation, the key factor came down to the current eLement BF3 team, eLement – Lithium, and their current performance in the DGL Winter Leg so far.

“The DvGǂMisFiTs team is very strong, and is performing really well in First Division,” said Wills. He continued, “It was decided that they would be an excellent house training partner for our current team.
Moving forward Wills knows that with work and guidance both teams could be strong contenders in the Premier Division in the future. The DvGǂMisFiTs will stay where they are for the moment however, as according to the DGL rules, they will only be able to make the change at the conclusion of the Winter Leg.

As for the rest of eLement Gaming, it looks to have set itself up in almost every division, as the announcement of the Dota 2 side is soon to take place, but has been delayed due to some team restructuring.

When asked why eLement Gaming has yet to pick up a League of Legend (LoL) side, Wills felt the current instability of the LoL League is his main concern, as even the top teams seem to be struggling with team stability, with over three teams retiring so far in the Winter Leg alone. Wills hopes that this will settle, and if it does, may consider adding a LoL team at a later date.

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