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Critical Point in BF3 Summer Leg

The Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg has reached a critical point as three bigwigs at the top of the Premier logs have emerged – Bravado, NSD Sons of Liberty and SSG Umshiniwam – but the logs are going to see another mix-up this Thursday as SSG and Bravado face in their pick and play match. The results of that will be very interesting indeed.

The current logs came into being last night when SSG Umshiniwam beat ASF AquilA on Damavand and Karkand. Damavand was a close call with the first round seeing a ticket count of 75 – 0 to SSG and the second round a ticket count of 13 – 0.

Alister 'Coweater-lUW|' Ho, SSG captain says ASF employed an unconventional strategy on Damavand Peak by bringing the chopper into the tunnel.

“They gained air superiority on the map and we couldn't do much about. We brought the chopper down once or twice but towards the end of the first round, we brought it down and held it, waiting at the back flag,” he says. The score had been in ASF's favour at the time but SSG's push turned the tables and got them the round.

“On the second round we traded flags very often and kept shooting each others' choppers down. Eventually we managed to break through when we took out their tank and chopper at the same time. We pushed for all the flags and secured the needed tickets for our victory,” he says.

Karkand saw SSG with much better control of the game with ticket counts of 157 – 0 and 130 – 0.

“We started on defense and did a good job keeping our flags. We pushed slowly when we switched to attack and this strategy worked well,” he says.

See the game at Coweater's Twitch channel or at Scoper's Twitch channel.

The other interesting game of the week was between [TE] Infamous and Bravado, whose players had just come off the back of defeating Team Spain in the Battlefield 3 Nations Cup. Although the match thread shows no ticket counts, the game was a close one on Epicentre. However, Metro saw Bravado mostly dominate on the ticket count.

NSD's game was against SIB which is outlined in greater detail at NSD's website. The win put them in the top three and they're likely to stay there this week. Catch that game on Prokill's Twitch channel.

However, they're facing SSG next week and Bravado in the week after that. So it all comes down to SSG's game against Bravado on Thursday – if SSG win, they may solidify themselves at the top of the log with only a win against NSD really needed to stay there. If SSG lose they'll be facing NSD on the backfoot. If Bravado win against SSG, however, the leg is basically theirs as well.

This is SSG's chance to take the Summer Leg. Will they do it? Watch the match on Thursday night (8pm) at Coweater's Twitch channel or at Scoper's Twitch channel.

Will SSG take Bravado?

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The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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