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Battlefield 3 BzK-Furia Overcome [TE]Infamous

The pick ‘n play matches in the Premier Division for the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg are turning out to be some of the most tense and exciting matches in the League, and Sunday night’s match was no exception to the rule.

BzK – Furia managed to get the best of the [TE]Infamous side last night in their pick ‘n play match, and it was a close affair to the bitter end. Do Gaming managed to catch up with captain of the BzK-Furia squad, Johan “Zaphire” Heymans, to find out what went down, and how his team prepared for the match.

Do Gaming (DG): Tell us a bit about BzK-Furia, and your history with [TE]Infamous.

Heymans: So we started this year out differently to last year. Better strats, some new players and more game time. One of the teams that we played friendly practice games against the most was TE,where we lost the first game versus them but won the next four friendly’sin a row against them after that. They then stopped playing us in friendly’s as soon as the Winter leg started, as we worked our way into PremierDivision where they were, and they wanted to keep their strats to themselves.

DG: What was the atmosphere like leading up to the game?

Heymans: We then had our game scheduled for Sunday 21 July, and there was plenty of banter about who is going to win in the match thread. We had some issues with agreeing on a server to use, but ultimately agreed on 1 map our server 1 map their server. We then before the game read the DG article of Bvd thrashing TE and read Justin “Poepol!” Eloff from TE stating that they are confident they will win against us, so we made ready as much as we could.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

DG: Tell us briefly what went down in the rounds:

Knife Round/Map Elimination

Heymans: It started with a knife where I was dominated by TE's quick knifing skills. The maps chosen then were Sharqi, Damavand and Seine in that order.

Map One, Sharqi:

Heymans:BzK started as attackers on Sharqi and had one hell of a hard time to cap more than one flag at a time. Our armour was not dominated but we could not push it into dangerous positions. The tickets got to BzK 25 - 140 TE and we had to think of something else. We rushed their C flag and soon started out-capping them when we took it from 25 - 140 to BzK 5 - 0 TE and winning the round.

Next was the defending round where we knew we would have the upper hand. At the start we c4'd their tank and then as soon as it respawned we stole their tank having the upper hand the entire round finishing it off BzK 153 - 0 TE.

Map Two, Damavand:

Heymans: Their heli had dominance on both round starts but as soon as we took out their heli from land we took the air dominance straight afterwards. We had a hard time keeping B flag so we took our heli to fly over and drop some troops on their home flag. We won both rounds by just keeping the outside flags and giving the B flag to them.

DG: How do you feel your team held up in this match? Did they take the pressure well?

Heymans: My team did not stress out once as we were confident we could take them and even on Sharqi round one where the match was BzK 25 - 140 TE, we did not collapse and I think that was the reason for us pulling that round back to BzK 5 - 0 and in all the confidence boost that round gave us made it hell for TE on all the other rounds.

Justin “Poephol!” Eloff added his congratulations to the BzK side, saying that they have definitely come a long way as a team, and have improved substantially, despite roster changes.

If you want to catch the match, it was streamed last night from the perspective of Ryan “Ryan434” Calder from [TE]Infamous, so you can click on the link below to catch out on the action you missed:

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