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BzK-Furia and eLement – Lithium to Fight for Provisional Third Place

Last night’s critical match for BzK-Furia went really well in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League Winter Leg, as they managed to best the RFH Black Legion team to guarantee their provisional top four placing come the end of the leg.

Johan “Zaphire” Heymans, captain of BzK-Furia, had a match report ready first thing this morning, so we could find out what went down last night. Let’s see what he had to say:

Knife Round:

Heymans: We started off with an easy knife victory, giving us the advantage over the map decisions. The map choices were Bazaar, Damavand, Sharqi.

Map One, Bazaar:

Heymans:We started off on Bazaar as the first map and with a few flag exchanges going on it wasn't too difficult to get the win on both rounds.

Gabriel “Arkh_Ang3l|-KS-|” Smith managed to give us a bit more detail, and said, “the first round of bazaar was fought hard and BzK triumphed, farming kills by our assault squad.After a few “nades” and revive kills,BzK pulled the win.The second round saw BzK Push into B and try for A but failed the base rape! After killing and raging RFH lost the round.”

One of Heymans teammates, Jonathan “Antagonist” Megit, added that everything went according to their plan on Bazaar to get the two round wins, something Heymans had said might happen in an article yesterday.

Map Two, Damavand:

Heymans: We then went onto Damavand. Round 1, I was a complete noob. As it started I flew the heli into a pole having my entire team look at the kill feed as they only move out of our base "Zaphire is no more, Soutiefied is no more". Not long after that we luckily defended our back flag taking out their heli and gaining dominance over the map.

Round 2 we went in and because of the first three rounds and our first Damavand round not being too bad, we thought the game was already won, soon to realise we let our guard down as RFH gave it their best round for the night. Tickets were bleeding fast and we needed to get RFH down to 143 tickets to win the map and it was currently standing on BzK 100 - 200 RFH and we raged a bit at each other to get some focus back and with some good performance we pulled them down to 74 tickets.

Heymans added that the game went as they had expected it to go, but the team was silly to let their guard down on Damavand like they did, something they will definitely focus on in the future. He went on to congratulate both teams on a well-played and exciting match.

BzK-Furia now look toward eLement – Lithium for their third place decider match, set to take place on 8pm on Sunday evening. With both teams being each other’s final match and tied at 26 points each, whoever takes the game on Sunday will take the provisional third place finish for the end of the Leg, and close to a spot at DGC later this year.

Who do you think will take the podium spot? Are BzK-Furia going to claim what is theirs, or are eLement – Lithium going to not even give them the chance? Feel free to comment below and let us know.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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