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BzK Furia Eyes BF3 Prem

BerZerK Gaming (BzK) Furia finished off the EA Battlefield 3 (BF3) DGL 2013 Summer Leg First Division in second place, with only one loss to the first place finishers =iK=Syntax. That got Furia into the playoffs which fire off today and will continue for the next three weeks.

Furia have their eyes on Premier and finishing off the Winter Leg with a third place spot to boot. Captain Johan 'Zaphire' Heymans says the team is practicing hard.

“We're only practicing against the best and not wasting our time practicing with teams that cannot bring us some experience in a match,” he says. “The way we are improving will definitely be what we will bring to the Prem Division and we will not be going for anything less than third place in Prem, although we know that it will not be as simple as it sounds.”

Heymans says they're working on every little mistake they make, especially when they're in high-stakes situations. Furia has been put into Group A for the playoffs along with HpX | D.E.M.O.N.S and both ASF's – Hawks and AquilA. It's the latter that Heymans says they're most worried about.

“AquilA beat us by far in the past but we feel confident about this game because of how we have been improving as a team,” he says. “We've played Hawks and HpX Demons in the past and it's highly unlikely that we will lose to those teams, although we will play our best to make sure that in a case of some technical issues during the game we still have enough chance to win.”

The DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA The DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

If they beat ASF Hawks and HpX Demons, a spot in Premier is guaranteed even if they lose to AquilA.

“But we'll be going for the bonus win by giving it our best against AquilA,” he says. “Our line-up is looking stable now with us only having to replace one member this year and we have reserves that don't mind only playing when we really need them.”

He says the team is also gelling very well. “Most of our members from last year are still in the game and playing together. We're working very well together in our more intense matches and we're handling the pressure in our tough games better.”

Furia had a rough 2012 season, with Heymans saying they were “walked over” by almost every team they faced at the beginning of the DGL season. There were no massive victories, no pleasant games and it was just plain hard. This led to conflict in the team. Nevertheless, they have stuck together and the team saw some clear leadership coming through in the DGL second leg of 2012.

“We then started to improve a bit to at least play with First Division teams. When we went to the Do Gaming Championships last year we lost all our games; but by watching the other teams play, changing our PC settings and learning as much as we can, we started to change our attitude towards how we learn,” says Heymans. “We decided not to play teams we can beat but instead play against teams we will lose against. And by losing we started learning our mistakes, looking at what the enemy does and starting to look for every little way possible to gain an advantage.”

Whatever the team is doing, it's working, proved by their solid performance in the First Division for the Summer Leg 2013. If they continue in this fashion, it looks like we're about to enjoy an exciting playoffs and a shake up in Premier.

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