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Bvd.Bf3 Receive First DGL 2013 Loss

The Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championships are sponsored by Alienware.

In what is surely the biggest upset so far in the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championships, eLement – Lithium took down the previously undefeated bvd.Bf3 team in an intense best of three.

eLement – Lithium continue to show improved and impressive form as they continue their way through the Winners Bracket, and have knocked down the first and second seed down to the lower bracket so far in the DGC 2013.

The Map scores were as follows:

Map One – Bizarre:

Bvd.BF3 (US) 40 – 0 eLement – Lithium
eLement – Lithium (US) 151 – 0 bvd.BF3

Map Two: Terhan Highway:

Bvd.BF3 (US) 0 – 161 eLement – Lithium
eLement – Lithium 153 – 0 bvd.BF3

Andre “ClwN” Wills, co – owner of eLement Gaming, is extremely pleased with his teams results, and is confident that they will continue to perform at the top of their game.

He also commented that the continued improvement from the eLement – Lithium team has turned them a consistent and dedicated side.

eLement Gaming now await the winners of the Losers bracket, as they already secured themselves a place in this years BF3 DGC finals

The Dota 2 Telkom DGL 2013 is sponsored by SteelSeries.

To catch all the latest scores and results for the BF3 DGC, just click on the link below:

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