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Bvd.BF3 Get Through Losers Bracket

The Telkom Do Gaming Championships are sponsored by Alienware.

Bvd.BF3 has successfully cut their path to the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) final, after being dropped to the losers bracket by eLement – Lithium in the winners bracket semi final.

This was the first game that bvd.BF3 has lost in almost two years of the Do Gaming League, and put a end to their almost 60 game win streak.

They faced against BzK-Furia at rAge in the lower bracket semi final in a rematch of their winners bracket round two match. BzK-Furia gave it their all, and performed extremely well against the powerhouse Bravado side and can walk away with their heads high.

The rounds went as follows:

Map One – Damavand Peak:

Bvd.BF3 (US) 181 – 0 BzK – Furia at rAge

BzK – Furia at rAge 0 – 57 Bvd.BF3

Map Two - Seine Crossing:

Bvd.BF3 (US) 0 – 89 BzK – Furia at rAge

BzK – Furia at rAge 0 – 138 Bvd.BF3

Bvd.BF3 is waited on by eLement – Lithium from our Winners Bracket in the grand final of the BF3 DGC, which is due to start in just a few moments time.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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