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Bravado Take the Champions Cup

Bravado Gaming have kept their winning streak going strong by taking the Champions Cup in the third leg of the Battlefield 3 DGL 2012.

Interestingly enough though, Bravado were met by a new opponent in the finals, Gaming Synthesis (Gs) who bested both A2K and BFC in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively to get to the final spot. In the finals themselves, the maps Grand Bazaar and Tehran Highway were chosen, in which Bravado was able to take both games convincingly for a 2 – 0 win over Gs.

Ricky ‘Jalgorty’ Schlenk, captain of the Gaming Synthesis Phoenix Battlefield 3 team, was able to talk to Do Gaming about some of the results and outcomes as well as the upcoming Do Gaming Championships.

“Our first game was against A2K and they did really well for a First Division team. It’s great to see how the teams have grown throughout the year. Next up we faced BFC and I think it’s fair to say that we expected to beat them but they are always a team you have to stay alert against,” he says.

Given that NSD (one of the favourites) were beaten by BFC, it seems that things didn’t go according to plan for NSD in the Champions Cup. Schlenk gave his opinion on that as well:

“We made a few mistakes against BFC which gave them an advantage but at the end of the day it was a close game and a close game is always fun. I don’t think BFC should have beaten NSD though so I’m sure they had a couple of issues there. Either that or it could have been strategy,” he says.

Looking back over the Gs vs. BFC game, the match went to three games in which Gs took the first map on Karkand by winning one side with 133 tickets and then losing at the change-over by 99 tickets. The 34 ticket deficit gave them the map win though. BFC then responded with a win of their own and while Gs only took 75 tickets on Tehran Highway, BFC were able to take the map with 166 tickets in the second half. The third and final map, Operation Metro seemed like a one-way affair as Gs won both halves by upwards of 130 tickets.

Alienware sponsors the 2012 Do Gaming League Alienware sponsors the 2012 Do Gaming League

“The top four teams in the Premier League (ASF, NSD, bvd and Gs) are very close in comparison and sometimes it just comes down to map selection. One thing you can definitely see though is that the more the guys are playing together, the stronger they are getting. The Championships is all about pressure and playing out of your comfort zone so winning it will come down to teamwork and keeping a cool head about it all. People get affected by pressure in many different ways,” he says.

Despite a straight-forward 2 – 0 loss, Schlenk says they were happy to get to the finals and Bravado is a very good team, worthy of the top spot at the moment. One could argue that Grand Bazaar and Tehran Highway are of Bravado’s strongest maps, but some may say that every map is their strong map. Schlenk seems to think that there will be a “top three showdown” at the Do Gaming Championships between the top four teams, NSD, Gs, bvd and ASF.

“As far as I know, BFC are down three of their strongest players which puts them at a big disadvantage unfortunately. I think the top three will be a big battle between the top four, but as it’s all on LAN and the competitive pressure, who knows,” he says.

EA sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL EA sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL

Novice Cup

Taking a look at the Novice Cup, there have been quite a few surprises surfacing there with IconiK Gaming taking the top spot with its Battlefield 3 team, Syntax. iK Syntax went into the final against SSG (Super Serial Gamers) Packet Loss and managed to take the win 2 – 0.

The first game was on Operation Metro in which iK won the first round by a whopping 308 tickets. Then in the next game, SSG reduced the ticket count to almost half but iK still took the first map with a comfortable win.

Grand Bazaar was the second map of choice and SSG seemed to be a lot more comfortable on there but lost their first round by 144 tickets. As the team started pulling together near the end, the second round was won by SSG by 47 tickets, but by then it was just too late for SSG and iK took a well-deserved win.

GamingInc sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL GamingInc sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL

Vaughan ‘TheVovo’ Robey, captain and manager of SSG Packet Loss, says that iK was the better team on the night and seems content with the progress his team had made.

“Our objective was to get to the Do Gaming Championships at rAge and by hitting the final in the Novice Cup, we have done that,” he says.

Robey then spoke about the final and some of the issues that cropped up which made things difficult. But he never took away from the performance of iK.

“There was a little fiasco about the iK vs VI game being overturned. First it was overturned and then it was appealed and reversed so we got our opponent on the deadline day. It’s not the end of the world, but it makes it difficult when trying to mentally prepare for a game. We also chose the wrong map for some reason, I’m not sure why, but they beat us convincingly there. After that, we started to come right but by then it was too late for us,” he says.

Both iK Syntax and SSG Packet Loss will be heading to the Do Gaming Championships to join some of the top Battlefield 3 teams as they battle it out for a huge prize pool consisting of R100,000 sponsored by Electronic Arts and Gaming Inc as well as Alienware X51 PC’s going to the top team of the competition.

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