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Bravado Leads, DC Retires in Battlefield 3

The end of the second week in the Battlefield 3 DGL has mixed news as Bravado Gaming maintains their well-deserved form and stays at the top of the DGL, while Damage Control retires its Battlefield 3 team.

Bravado Gaming went up against a top three favourite this week in ASF Aquilla. The maps chosen were Seine Crossing and Operation Metro. ASF managed to take the first round in the game by 94 tickets but Bravado showed strength and steel and managed to take the second round by 185 tickets.

Alienware sponsors the 2012 DGL Alienware sponsors the 2012 DGL

The second map on Operation Metro saw Bravado take two equally impressive wins on either side with victories of 132 tickets to 0 and 173 tickets to 0. The most recent result puts Bravado on top of the results log so far with maximum points from two games.

Joining Bravado at the top on six points as well is Cyborg Gaming ZA, more specifically, the PubH3ro3s. CybG went up against NSD Sons of Liberty in the second week and won 2 – 1. The first map played was Strike at Karkand which CybG took, followed by Sharqi Peninsula which NSD were able to win. The final map played was the Tehran Highway which CybG took 25 – 0 and then again by 60 – 0 to give them the 2 – 1 victory.

CybG vs NSD CybG vs NSD

SSG also secured a win against RFH Black Legion in the Premier Division and were able to win both their games on Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing. SSG took the first game by a very close margin, taking only 12 tickets in the first round. The second round saw things go a lot easier on SSG and they won by 110 tickets. SSG then delivered a heavy blow to RFH in the second map and took Seine Crossing by 209 tickets and then 132 tickets in the first and second rounds respectively.

Gs.Phoenix also took a win in the second week taking down SS Sentinel by two maps to zero. Gs started off on Grand Bazaar and delivered a spanking to SS in both maps. They won by 199 tickets and 146 tickets on the first and second rounds and then went into the second map, Seine Crossing, to deliver another beating upwards of 150 tickets for each round.

This week’s results put two teams at the top (Bravado and CybG) while three teams battle for third place. Those are NSD, SSG and ASF and it could quite honestly be anyone’s place to take.

EA sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL EA sponsors the Battlefield 3 DGL

DC Call it a Day

In what can only be described as sad news, the Damage Control team will be retiring its Battlefield 3 team and will no longer be competing – this with just a few weeks to go before the Telkom DGL 2012 Championships at rAge.

DC surprised many gamers and was undefeated in the first Champions Cup of the year. The got right up to the semi-finals losing out to FiB Terra who went on to win the Cup. After that DC was catapulted into the Premier Division by the second leg, taking fifth place in the second leg and going into the Champions Cup. The second Champions Cup was a disaster for DC and they failed to get out of the first round, losing to SS Sentinel who are now in the Premier Division.

Marc 'Surge' Du Plessis Marc 'Surge' Du Plessis

Do Gaming caught up with Marc ‘Surge’ Du Plessis to find out what happened and why DC have deemed it necessary to hang up the guns.

“Basically what happened was we found we wouldn’t have enough time to put in countless hours to learn strategies incorporating vehicles, so we decided to just give it a rest. A majority of the DC.BF3 team was made up of the current CS:GO team which was always our first priority from the beginning,” he said.

DC has become something of an MGO as well as they also sport a DotA 2 team and a few FIFA 12 players. Du Plessis assured Do Gaming that the DC name will carry on but will be flying the banner for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2.

“We had some pressure on us when Diablo 3 was released as well because we all wanted to get high level characters and the best items in the game. That took a toll on our Battlefield 3 practise hours,” he said.

With Diablo 3 out of the minds of DC now, most of the players spend their time playing CS:GO, DotA 2 and ShootMania Storm.

GamingInc sponsors the BF3 DGL GamingInc sponsors the BF3 DGL

Rob 'GrIdL0cK' Clegg has been in the gaming industry for over 15 years and has competed in both local and international tournaments at the highest level. He is also a respected gaming critic and is Telkom Do Gaming’s lead reviewer

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