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Bravado Gaming Keep the Top BF3 Spot

Bravado Gaming keep the top spot in the Battlefield 3 DGL after beating Rebels From Hell (RFH) in the third week.

The game was pretty one-sided as Bravado were able to take the first map on Operation Metro. The server crashed on the one side and the final score tally was 338 – 51 but Bravado maintained its skill to finish up the map by a further 333 – 0 victory. The second game, although a lot closer, was also reasonably one-sided in favour of Bravado. They won by 221 tickets on the first round of Damavand Peak and then by 175 tickets on the second round.

ASF also took a win in the third week against SS on Sharqi Peninsula and Seine Crossing. ASF managed to get over 100 tickets in every round except the second on Sharqi, but ultimately walked away with a comfortable win.

Comfort was something that NSD almost struggled with in their Premier League game against Gs. The first map on Grand Bazaar between the two finished very closely. NSD only got 27 tickets in the first round but then pulled things together in the second round to win by 96 tickets. After the nerves had settled though, NSD were able to take Damavand Peak by force and won each round by just over 200 tickets to give them the win.

SSG and CybG went head to head in the third week too and saw the first round start out well for SSG as they took Grand Bazaar by 139 tickets. The second round was much closer though and SSG only scraped the round by 40 tickets. The second map against CybG saw Sharqi Peninsula surface its head again and CybG took the first round this time by 105 tickets. SSG rallied up in the second round though to take back the game by 127 tickets. According to some gamers, the match was incredibly tight and saw some very close ticket counts for a large part of the match-up.

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Taking a look at the final tally after week three, Bravado leads the way undefeated with nine points from their three games. NSD, SSG, ASF, Gs and CybG are all tied up on seven points. Gs is one game ahead though after already playing their Pick ‘n Play game. The upcoming weeks will sort out the top teams though as week four sees SSG take on Bravado, ASF take on NSD and Gs take on CybG. The rest of the leg will be no different as the top teams again go head to head against each other in the upcoming weeks.

Last week, Do Gaming reported on the retirement of DC and since then things have somewhat changed. So in order to catch up on the current happenings with the team, Do Gaming spoke to Alastair ‘Lag_Beast’ Bouman to find out the story.

“We wanted to keep a Battlefield 3 team going so the plan was that were going to merge with iG in the transfer window in order to continue our run. At the time, we knew they would be left with enough players to finish off the third leg in the Third Division, and could then reform under the DC name,” he says.

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As it turned out, not everyone in iG was happy with the merger and it became a really nasty state of affairs involving blackmail and back-stabbing.

“It turned out to be a really sticky business as some guys said if half the players didn’t come back they would retire and get everyone a 12 week suspension, so it was pretty bad. There was just way too much drama and the finger-pointing and politics just became too much so we just decided to retire the team in the end,” he says.

DC has decided that the team will rather take the dive now and then put together a stronger team in order to come back next season in leg one – even better than they were before since they now have ample time to put in the practise and build up a team of strong players.

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Rob 'GrIdL0cK' Clegg has been in the gaming industry for over 15 years and has competed in both local and international tournaments at the highest level. He is also a respected gaming critic and is Telkom Do Gaming’s lead reviewer

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