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Bravado DGC 2012 Battlefield 3 Winners

After an intense and exciting final match-up to the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) 2012, Bravado have been declared this year's Battlefield 3 Champion, walking away with R45,000 courtesy of EA and Incredible Connection's Gaming Inc, as well as eight Alienware PC's courtesy of Alienware.

It came down to the wire with a brilliant performance from ASF, now the runners-up, as the teams jumped onto Sienne Crossing in the beginning. The map was close the whole way through, with each team enjoying the lead at least twice in the race. But it seemed that ASF were in top form from the beginning as they made great use of their armour – their tank on B was a persistent problem for Bravado and their frustration was easily seen in their Teamspeak communication with each other.

From 142 – 116 tickets (advantage to Bravado) ASF were losing tickets badly but then they took C while Bravado was concentrating on B. Both teams owned two flags but it wasn't until ASF managed to push B again with their tanks that things really turned around with the ticket counts starting to sit neck and neck. ASF brought it down to 64 – 62 (to Bravado's favour) as things then flipped around, Bravado bleeding tickets.

Some solid play from Bravado didn't manage to turn the round in their favour, but it did mean that ASF didn't end the round with a ticket count as high as they could have. From 3 – 32 (in ASF's favour) Bravado brought it all the way down to close the round at 0 – 20, ASF taking the map.

The second round was substantially close as well with Bravado showing some signs of cracking while ASF were noticeably calm. However, Bravado's aggression paid off as while the two teams were swapping the lead, it was right at the end when Bravado ran from D to take out A and own three flags, bleeding ASF down to 42 – 0 at the end of the round and therefore taking the map with a bigger tickets difference.


Map 2: Strike at Karkand

With Strike at Karkand being a map with lots of armour, there was some talk at the Championship that this would result in a positive result for ASF, who are known as a strong armour team. Bravado, however, managed to get the early lead but they were soon ousted by ASF, despite a fantastic triple kill by Bravado's key armour player, Dean 'HackeM' Seyfried who continued to do very well on the map.

Once ASF managed to acquire two flags for themselves, Bravado started bleeding tickets badly as they just couldn't seem to really get the upper hand or keep two flags for long enough. Tickets dropped sharply from 196 each to 93 – 167 to ASF's favour, and then even more to 60 – 153 (to ASF) and 49 – 148 (to ASF) then to 29 – 145 (to ASF) as a very calm ASF continued to hold their ground. The first round was sealed off with a huge gap of 145 – 0 to ASF's favour, leaving both teams and spectators with the knowledge that this game may move on to a third map.

ASF started off the second round with a clear psychological advantage, bagging for themselves three flags for a substantial portion of the round to bleed Bravado down considerably, but Bravado ultimately turned this one around to take it 61 – 0 – not enough to win the map, so things were forced into Damavand Peak as the final map in the 2012 Battlefield 3 DGL season.

Bravado Bravado

Map 3: Damavand Peak

Bravado seemed a bit tired going into Damavand Peak but the map ended up being their moment of glory. After stealing ASF's helicopter at 215 – 204 tickets (to Bravado's favour) there was talk that this map was a done deal. But ASF didn't seem disturbed bringing the teams to sit neck and neck again on the ticket count.

With Seyfried once again showing his skill in the tank at B and ASF as a result looking to storm B with infantry numerous times, it seemed that ASF just couldn't ever hold flags for long enough that Bravado pushed the ticket count all the way from 178 – 100 in their favour down to 164 – 17. The final score of 163 – 0 was a nail in the coffin for ASF as it seemed impossible to end off the second round with a lead of 164 tickets – not with Bravado, at least.

But ASF did push hard in the second round, with Bravado showing some worry at numerous points in the match. ASF went for a clear defensive strategy, looking to just keep and hold two points – mostly B and C – to bleed Bravado down. Things went down to 91 – 186 to ASF's favour with Bravado captain Sean 'Suumpmolk' McCalgan calling for the team to keep going.

At that point it seemed that ASF would not manage the needed 164 tickets and Bravado, through some solid kills and capture points, ended the final off by bringing ASF all the way down to 75 – 157. And that was it. The teams needed to continue playing but the victory was sealed as the Bravado fans shouted down ASF's last remaining tickets and both teams received thundering applause from spectators and fans alike for what was truly a brilliant Final.

McCalgan was exhilarated after the win, telling Do Gaming that they aimed to be consistent this year and this is really what he feels won them the title of Battlefield 3 DGL 2012 Champions.

“ASF put up a brilliant fight and were much stronger than we anticipated,” he says. “We were surprised. We had felt that we would either meet them or SSG in the final, and it was really a brilliant match-up with ASF.”

ASF as runner-up got the team R22,000 while SSG, who were the third place winners after ousting Gs got R10,000 – all courtesy of sponsors EA and Gaming Inc. Prizes were given all the way to eighth place with a total prize pool of R100,000. Here's how the prizes were broken down:

1st – R45,000 plus eight Alienware X51 PC's
2nd – R22,000
3rd – R10,000
4th – R7000
5th – R4000
6th – R4000
7th – R4000
8th – R4000

This ends a great year of Battlefield 3 competitive gaming and it's been a treat to have this title on board the DGL for the year. Battlefield 3 will be a supported game in the 2013 season.

Bravado accepting their awards from Steven White, Telkom Executive : Product Management Consumer Bravado accepting their awards from Steven White, Telkom Executive : Product Management Consumer (pictured left)

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