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Black Ops 2 Open Division – The Teams to Beat

Our Open Division in the Black Ops 2 (Blops 2) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg are a ferocious bunch, as there are almost no teams besides the current group leaders that have not taken a loss so far in the leg. Our one exception to the current trend is Group F, but that may be changing quickly as we enter the final two weeks of our Winter Leg.

One of the Inspired Gaming teams, iNs`w2P, has crushed their way through Group A so far, and having won their pick ‘n play as well, have a seven point advantage versus their second place side. The only upset could come if rQ`aRise, the current second place side, won all three of their remaining matches, and iNs`w2P lost their two remaining matches, which would result in the rQ`aRise side beating the Inspired Gaming squad for the top finish.

Group B is being led by The Band of Brothers side BoBcDc, and they would have to go horribly wrong to get knocked off their top slot, as they currently lead without even having played their pick ‘n play match yet. If BoBcDc win their Week Seven match in the Winter Leg, they will be all clear of second place side sBRClaW (A), as they would have a six point deficit with the SaBRe Gaming side only having one game left to play.

The Black Ops 2 DGL 2013 is sponsored by Megarom.

OpG .vD is in the same opportunistic spot in Group C, as due to two teams retiring so far in the group, teams only have to complete seven matches in their Winter Leg run. With OpG .vD being 5 – 0 – 0 and the second place side iNs`VdT having lost two matches already, the only other hope left is the DvGǂe'QuaLLatRiuM side, who has lost only one game.

The Open Division impi squad, impi`FoD, is faring a lot better in their group than their Premier Division counterparts, and are currently six wins for no loss in Group D. With two matches left to play and having already beaten the second place side, 5eA||Elite, they look primed and ready to take the group with some ease.

[A10] Vanguards have taken a significant seven point lead over the next team in Group E, and with only two games left to play, seems unlikely they will let go of that lead. They have played their pick ‘n play match however, and the three teams below the A10 squad have not, so there is definitely an opportunity if [A10] Vanguards drop a game before the end of the Winter Leg.

Black Ops 2 has been in the DGL since 2013.

Group F is the anomaly in the Open Division, as it is the only group to have not have an undefeated team at the top of the Group. [iMg] Vigil are currently in a one point lead over undefeated side [SAW]Pun1sh3rs, but that could easily change over the next week, as [SAW]Pun1sh3rs still have to play their pick ‘n play. [iMg] Vigil now has to rely on one of the other teams in Group F to take a win off the SAW gaming squad to have any chance of topping the group.

Our final Open Division Group, Group G, is being led by HiVe[scaR] so far, but if they lose one of their two remaining matches, there is a big potential to see a possible three way tie by the end of the Winter Leg.

The Group Favourites are all primed and ready to take their place in the Winter Playoffs as we enter the final stages of the Winter Leg. Is there a team that is going to cause an upset, or is everything as it should be? Comment below and let us know.

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