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Blog: BF3 DGL - Who's Hot and Who's Not

The following is a blog written by "(TE)Scrapm3tal & (TE)Poepol!" that was originally published at the Do Gaming blog. We've pasted it in as-is without any editing. It's an interesting conversation and thought it would be great to give it further exposure. Enjoy!

We take a look at some of the hottest teams around as well as the underachievers.
These are our picks in a particular order:

Still Top dogs in SA and it doesn’t look like any team will knock them off their pretty perch any time soon. These guys have been together for years and it would take a mammoth effort from any top team to beat them. Last year BvD was the only undefeated team in all legs including the Do Gaming Championships held at Rage. They are currently placed 1st in the DGL Premier League and face their toughest test vs NSD SoL next week.

2. NSD SoL
The definition of progress.   Like the old Chinese proverb says, “ If there is a strong general there will be no weak soldiers”.  NSD SoL always find new ways to reinvent themselves. A bad run at Rage DGC last year did not rattle their spirits. Testament to that is that they are currently undefeated and occupying 2nd spot in the DGL Premier League. In my opinion, they are currently the only team in SA that has a chance to beat BvD next week and make history. This is their year. If there is a team to be called the people’s champs then look no further.

3.BzK – Furia
Granted these guys are in the 1st division, they have grown tremendously in the last 6 months. Last year they were mid table wannabies but this year they have made a lot of clans sit up and take notice. They are sitting pretty in 2nd place (Div 1) and recently beat some notable clans in friendly matches namely NSD SoL, TE Infamous and tied with SSG Uw. This is my pick of the bunch as far as potential goes and definitely a team to keep your eye on in 2013. They face their toughest opposition next week vs iK. If they win, they could finish the leg undefeated.

4.DvG – Misfits
With the merger of Divine Gaming and Vindex late last year they formed a potent team. Recent friendly wins against SSG suggest they look like the real deal.  If they can put their personal differences aside they can realistically maintain a foothold in the DGL Premier League for years to come.

1.BFC – Crankers
BFC was once considered a top team but recent friendly results have seen them become a mere afterthought of what they once were.  Having made it to the Top 8 at DGC Rage last year they have spectacularly imploded since. However, they are one of the oldest clans around and that begs the question, not if but when will they pull it together?

2. SSG – Packet Loss
Once a highly competitive team in the 1st Division has slipped into near obscurity. They are facing a real threat of dropping down to 2nd div. Even with their recent recruiting campaign underway, I don’t see them restoring their status as a competitive 1st division team any time soon. However this is SSG, and they have been around long enough. Lets hope they find that missing link with their new recruitment program and get back up the ranks.

3. ASF – AquilA
Last year they played BvD in the DGC Rage Finals. However, This year they have taken a significant step backwards. Two loses in the Premier League thus far does not bode well for their final Premier League position considering they still have to face NSD. Having said that, they are still a highly competitive team but gone are the days of dominating top teams.

Leave your comments on who you think are Hot or Cold this year and whether you agree or disagree with us.

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