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BFC Battlefield 3 Sides Depart for Veneration eSports

In what could be an exciting change for Veneration eSports (VnR) and the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013, VnR announced to Do Gaming this morning that they would also be acquiring some Battlefield 3 teams for their MGO, as the two Battlefield Community sides, -BFC-PubHeroes and –BFC--s|- Sisera, are due to join them at the conclusion of the Winter Leg.

-BFC-PubHeroes is currently a First Division side, and has put on a strong display throughout their Winter Leg, leaving them tied for third place with [NSD]Sons Of Chaos as we enter the final Week of the Leg. They face their hardest match yet in the final week this week, as they are due to face against currently undefeated side DvGǂMisFiTs, who will be moving over to eLementGaming themselves come the conclusion of the Winter Leg.

The other side that will be moving to VnR is the –BFC—-s|- Sisera squad, who are currently undefeated in Open Division after being relegated earlier this year. The Sisera side has definitely shown promise, and could be a big contender in future leagues if they carry on their current path.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Do Gaming managed to get a few words in with Warwick “Candle” Parris of Veneration eSports to find out what the MGO thinks about the change. Here’s what happened:

Do Gaming (DG): Exciting news for Veneration eSports as the two strong looking Battlefield Community (BFC) sides are joining up with you at the conclusion of the Winter Leg. How did the idea start, and how did it come about?

Well after the Summer Leg our BF3 side fell apart as it was an amalgamation of both VnR and ETG, and the agreement to play together under one banner had crumbled. Shortly after, I heard that the original VnR players had been recruited to play for BFC. Originally we didn’t think much of it, as we couldn’t do anything to find the guys a team at such short notice.

I did however remain in contact with a couple of the guys and they mentioned how well things were going for them over in the BFC camp. I decided to look around at BFC and noticed on their DGL page that they were looking at starting a SC2 division and figured that it would be worth a shot asking for them to join us. I spoke to Christoper “Chriscuz” Cousins and within about a week it was official.

DG: What are Venerations hopes for their new sides?

Parris: Well our hopes for PubHeroes would be to take back the spot in Premier that they held at the end of last year’s BF3 Legs. They lost this spot due to a name change and the team is relatively unchanged since then so they definitely have the skill.

As for Sisera, after having to start in Open Division due to internal issues they seem to have rallied quite nicely and are putting on a good show. We hope that they get to move into a First Division spot. Overall for this year it would be great if both teams took part at the DGC but in the long run all eyes are on BF4 and the preparations thereof.

DG: How do you feel the BF4 will change the battlefield scene, and do you think VnR will adapt well to the change?

Parris: I don’t think BF4 will change the scene much. The game looks relatively the same with a few extra features here and there and some minor graphics work. Over all, it does look like a better game though. The teams who are already in place will most likely just transition across quite seamlessly and probably not change anything major.

As for VnR, I think we will adapt quite well. The BFC guys have a lot of experience among most of the BF series so I’m sure it won’t be anything new to them.

DG: Are there any more changes we can expect from Veneration eSports in the near future?

Parris: There are a few things in the works however I don’t have any hard facts so can’t comment on any of it at the moment. But as soon as we have anything official we will announce it.

What other news do you think VnR has in store for us, come the end of the Winter Leg? Feel free to make your predictions below.

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