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Battlefield 3 Winter Leg – What are your predictions?

The Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Battlefield 3 Winter Leg is looking to be a stirring pot of upsets, as some of the top contenders have been losing friendly matches against fellow Premier sides.

Rebels from Hell’s (RFH) Black Legion team bested 2012 Do Gaming Championship and 2013 Summer Leg winners Bravado Gaming in a friendly scrim last night in a thrilling match between the two teams. Black Legion, however, have drawn the last two friendly matches they have played against new Premier side PewPewRampokkers, it could have just been a lucky break.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Whether it was the dominant Bravado side having an off day or trying new things, or a fresh and ready RFH Black Legion team, the Premier Division of the Winter Leg looks to be the most exciting yet. With Battlefield 4 being released later this year, this is the last chance to claim those BF3 bragging rights as the 2013 BF3 DGL Championship, and it seems teams are well aware of that fact.

Now the question remains: Who is your favourite to take the Winter Leg? Are Bravado going to remain cream of the crop, or are there other teams on your mind? Take the poll and leave your thoughts below.

(due to space restrictions, [grrr]Baggers could not fit in the pole, but feel free to shout for their cause in the comments below.)

bvd.Battlefield 3
eLement - Lithium
PewPew Rampokkers
RFH Black Legion
[NSD]Sons Of Liberty
[SSG] Umshiniwam

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