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Battlefield 3 Premier Division – a Weekend to Watch

This weekend is an exciting one in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg, as three of the five Premier Division matches for Week Four are all taking place at 8pm on Sunday 30 June.
Our first matchup sees current tied second place holders, [TE]Infamous, take on tied for fifth place team, [SSG]Umshiniwam. [TE]Infamous are one of the four undefeated teams in the Premier Division Winter Leg so far, and are tied with [NSD]Sons of Liberty and bvd.BF3 at three wins each.

[SSG]Umshiniwam, although struggling so far in the Winter Leg, actually took down [TE]Infamous the last time they met during the Summer Leg, and ended up beating them to a third place podium finish in Premier Division by the end of their Summer run. They have gone 1 – 0 – 2 so far and are currently tied for third place, and a win this week should keep them there for the time being.

Who do you think is going to take this match? Are [TE]Infamous ready to get their revenge from the Summer Leg, or are [SSG]Umshiniwam going to take them down again? Vote in the poll and let us know.

[TE]Infamous is ready to strike back.
[SSG]Umshiniwam has what it takes to win this match.

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Our second match sees [NSD]Sons Of Liberty face off against PewPewRampokkers. The [NSD]Sons of Liberty side is currently tied for second place, and were recently voted one of the community favourites to take the Winter Leg. They have shown exactly why they have the community support behind them by winning all three of their matches so far, and have shown to be a dominant side.

PewPewRampokkers fought their way up from First Division at the start of the year, and managed to do well enough in the Summer Playoffs to ensure their Premier Division spot for the Winter Leg. They have struggled against the top sides so far in the Winter Leg, but seem to be improving every week as they continue to gain more experience against the top sides.

Who do you think will take the win here? Are [NSD]Sons of Liberty just too strong, or do PewPewRampokkers still have a “rabbit in the hat?” Take the poll and comment below.

[NSD]Sons of Liberty will conquer their foes.
PewPew Rampokker's might cause an upset.

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The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

Our third match on Sunday sees our third tied for second place side, bvd.Battlefield 3 (bvd.BF3) match up against [grrr]Baggers. Bvd.BF3 are with [NSD]Sons Of Liberty in being community favourites to win, and despite a couple of surprise losses in practice games, has yet to lose a game in the DGL 2013, giving them a 12 game win streak so far.

[grrr]Baggers are one of the new sides to enter the Premier Division, after =iK=Syntax were disqualified at the end of the Summer Playoffs. This gave [grrr]Baggers a third place finish in their Summer Playoff group, ensuring their advancement to the Premier Division for the Winter Leg.

They have since struggled against the top teams, and have yet to take a win so far in the Winter Leg. They do however continue to remain confident, and are hopefully learning from the experience.

Sean “Scoper” McCalgan is usually quite diligent about streaming the Bravado games, so you should be able to watch the match over on his Twitch.TV stream. Here is a link:

Do you think [grrr]Baggers has enough fight to take down the bvd.BF3 side? Or are the Bravado Gaming squad just too dominant? Vote below to give us your thoughts.

bvd.BF3 are just too strong.
[grrr]Baggers will defeat their opponents.

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