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BF3 Premier Decided and Winds Down

The 2013 Summer Leg of the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) is now coming to its end as the teams head into the final week of play.

After NSD Sons of Liberty's long run of victories was ousted by Bravado, the Premier League has basically been decided with Bravado at the front, NSD running second and SSG third. That's going to stay the same, unless iM can perform some miracles against SSG on Monday.

ASF Hawks and Bravado are going head to head this week, as well as [TE]Infamous and NSD Sons of Liberty and RFH Black Legion and ASF AquilA. [SiB]Hammer and [grrr]Baggers have already played their final week game, with the former taking the match after winning on both Sharqi and Metro.

So here's the current log:

Results Log
# Clan Team GP W D L Pts Status
1. Bravado Gaming bvd.Battlefield 3 8 8 0 0 32 Active
2. Never Say Die [NSD]Sons Of Liberty 8 7 0 1 29 Active
3. Super Serial Gamers [SSG] Umshiniwam 8 6 0 2 26 Active
4. The Elite [TE]Infamous 8 5 0 3 23 Active
5. Team Immersion iM'Redemption 8 5 0 3 23 Active
6. Advanced Special Forces =ASF=AquilA 8 4 0 4 18 Active
7. Rebels From Hell RFH Black Legion 8 3 0 5 17 Active
8. Strength in Brotherhood [SiB]Hammer 9 2 0 7 15 Active
9. GRRR Squad [grrr]Baggers 9 1 0 8 12 Active
10. Advanced Special Forces =ASF=Hawks.ECS 8 0 0 8 8 Active

After this week, it's the playoffs next. =iK=Syntax, BzK-Furia and HpX | D.E.M.O.N.S are currently topping the First Division and it'll be interesting to see what they'll do against the Premier teams in the playoffs. RFH Death Guard, however, have their chance to move up on the ladder this week as they face Furia.

Looking at how these teams are playing against the current low-runners in the Premier League, especially with all of ASF's woes, we could be already looking at the new Premier teams. More about the First Division in an upcoming article.

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