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RFH vs NSD – BF3 Kicks Off

The Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg kicked off last night with RFH Black Legion and NSD Sons of Liberty going head to head on Sharqi and Bazaar.

NSD got 137 tickets to zero and then 166 tickets to zero on Sharqi. NSD captain, Danie 'Heckers' Nell, says team-mate Devereaux 'Notion-Za' Biddlecombe had a particularly good game on Sharqi, with “some nice M15 mine kills.”

It was mostly a one-sided affair although Nell says NSD were a bit nervous going in.

“It was our first match together as the new team. It went smoothly but we were a bit nervous initially,” he says.

RFH came back strongly in the last round of play on Bazaar (138 tickets to zero was the final score, with 215 to zero being the first score on Bazaar). But NSD emerged the victors.

“We're amped for this season. We feel we have a stronger team than last year and are looking to do better this year,” says Nell.

=ASF=AquilA and [SiB]Hammer are up next tomorrow night with a server booked at 20:30.

Bravado and iM were originally scheduled to play on Sunday at 8pm but Bravado has asked iM to move the game, as Bravado have a game against Germany, says Sean 'ScopeR' McCalgan. The rest of the week's matches, =ASF=Hawks.ECS vs [TE]Infamous and [SSG] Umshiniwam vs [grrr]Baggers, are due to be played on Sunday.

The Battlefield DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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