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BF3 Do Gaming Championship Playoff Concluded

The Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Do Gaming Championship (DGC) Playoffs took place this weekend, as the two winners and two runners – up from the respective Winter Leg Playoffs fought it out for just two spots at the DGC next month.

Sunday was when most of the action took place, with four of the six matches taking place yesterday evening. RFH Black Legion quickly rose to the top of the log after notching a win against =iK=Syntax, giving the IconiK Gaming side their first loss in the DGL 2013. This also gives RFH Black Legion a 10 game unbeaten streak in the DGL since they hit the Playoffs, something that they can definitely boast about.

=iK=Syntax didn’t let that shake them however as they managed to win both their other matches against [SSG]Packet Loss and [dM]ReBirth to guarantee themselves the other DGC spot up for grabs.

Here are the final standings for the DGC Playoffs:

  • 1. RFH Black Legion
  • 2. =iK=Syntax
  • 3. [SSG]Packet Loss
  • 4. [dM]ReBirth

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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