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BF3 DGC Brackets are Live

The Telkom Do Gaming Championships are sponsored by Alienware.

The brackets for the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championships, due to take place next weekend, have gone live, as the top eight BF3 teams from the DGL fight it out for the single biggest prize pool at the DGC 2013.

Since the BF3 DGL is an eight team double elimination format, all of the teams start in the upper bracket, and will have at least the safety of one loss before they end up in the lower bracket. The teams that end up in the lower bracket have no such luxury, as they will have to fight for their life in every match for the remainder of the competition.

Teams for now can at least see who they will be facing in the first round on Friday evening, and prepare as best they can for their potential match-ups.

For the full bracket, just click on the link below:

Do Gaming BF3 Championship 2013 – Double Elimination

The Round One matches are as follows:

  • bvd.BF3 vs. =iK=Insta.Kill
  • BzK-FUria at rAge vs. [TE] Infamous rAgers
  • [NSD]Sons of rAge vs. RFH BL – rAge
  • eLement – rAge vs. [SSG] UW@rAge

Who are your favourites to take the opening round? Are we going to see upsets from the opening round, or are the stronger teams going to easily clear a path? Give your predictions below.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

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