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Battlefield 3 Bvd vs. NSD – The Day has Arrived

The match for the top seed of the Winter Leg has all come down to this, as the last two remaining undefeated teams in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 meet head to head on Sunday to finally decide the pole position.

Both sides have had ample opportunity to express their feelings about the game, and it seems the feelings haven’t changed. Tyron “Prokill” Bataille knows that this will definitely be the toughest game in the Winter Leg, but still feels confident that they can best the bvd.BF3 side if his team carries on playing at the form they are currently showing.

Barry “Anthrax” Louzada, captain of the bvd.BF3 team, feels that the bvd.BF3 side is going in as the underdogs in this match, but should definitely not be discounted. They still feel confident that they will be able to take the game, or at least make [NSD]Sons of Liberty fight for their win every step of the way.

Although bvd.BF3 have lost some practice games in the past, they always make it clear that a practice game is no DGL game, and they have proven that they always bring their best when it counts.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA.

If you want to see the action live, there will be streams available from both the bvd.BF3 and the [NSD]Sons of Liberty perspective. From bvd.BF3 we will have McCalgan streaming live, and from [NSD]Sons of Liberty, Bataille will be taking the responsibility. Just click on the links below to take you to the respective streams:

Who do you think is going to take the win in this highly – anticipated match? Are bvd.BF3 going to top the Premier Division for the second time in 2013, or are [NSD]Sons of Liberty going to be our new leaders once the Winter Leg ends early next week? Vote in the poll and share your predictions below.

bvd.BF3 are my vote for pole position.
[NSD]Sons of Liberty are ready to win this.

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