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SA BF3 Team Advances to KO Stages in ClanBase

The South African Battlefield 3 (BF3) team has advanced through the group stages to reach the knock-out stages in the BF3 ClanBase Nations Cup XVI.

They battled their way through Bulgaria, Spain, Germany and Russia and came to third in their group. Indonesia and Israel forfeited their games. This means the team is now due to face Italy in the knock-out stages.

The matches need to be played by this Sunday. According to a press release from MSSA, team captain Barry Louzada is confident.

“Team eSports South Africa is fast becoming a team of veterans where the all of the individual team members are working well together to form a wonderful well-oiled machine. Thus Louzada is confident of Team eSports SA to work well under pressure and give their best against Italy,” says the release.

The team consists of several Bravado players as well as players from ASF. It's interesting that Bravado has managed to take the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Summer Leg for Battlefield 3 while also having its players battling things out on the international scene.

Here's the line-up

Jean 'wraithfiend' Barendse (Bravado Gaming)
Michael 'silencerbb' Belmonte (ADHOC)
Craven 'enigma-shifty' Buitendach (Bravado Gaming)
Theuns 'Alpha-Renji' Louw (ASF)
Barry ;Anthr4xZA' Louzada (Bravado Gaming)
Sean 'Scoper' McCalgan (Bravado Gaming)
Rogan 'Sabre' Mocke (Bravado Gaming)
Thomas ' Steigerz' Reid (Bravado Gaming)
Dean ' HackeM' Seyfried (Bravado Gaming)
Lyle ' Grizzlah' Thuynsma (Bravado Gaming)
Daniel 'Crincler1' Towse (Bravado Gaming)
Danie ' couch' Zwarts (Bravado Gaming)

Details of the ClanBase Nations Cup XVI can be found here.

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