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BF3 First Division News Week 6

This is a blog from Lesley 'Scrapm3tal' Orren around the Battlefield 3 DGL. It comes from the Do Gaming community blog. Anyone can blog at the Do Gaming community blog - just set up an account and you're good to go.

Bloggers who blog about the DGL up until the DGL 2012 Championships also go into a draw for an Alienware X51 PC.

Thanks to Orren for the blog!


Group B: TE finish campaign Undefeated but ASF stumble 

Group A:  1st Loss for A2K as Grrr roars back

As the soldiers spawn in one last time, only 30 seconds separate them from victory or defeat. A last minute perk adjustment here, a quick kit swop there, then the moment arrives. Into the fray they go, one last hooah. This is battlefield…this is DGL.


Game 1(TE 2 v 0 ASF Hawks)

TE won Grand Bazaar by 83 === [ (1st round) lost by 0-45 & WON (2nd round) by 128-0]

TE won Siene Crossing by 85 === [ (1st round)lost by 0-94 & WON (2nd round) by 179-0]

In a very exciting leg, it came down to the last match to separate the contenders from the pretenders in the race for a Premier League birth. These two teams may not be considered rivals in the traditional sense but no one can argue the titanic struggle between two 1st division juggernauts. Both teams won and lost 2 rounds. However, it was the ever enduring mentality of TE that carried them over the line. Twice TE had to come from behind having lost the first round on both maps and they did so with swagger and panache. For their reward as the only team in 1st division to finish undefeated, TE will get a bye into the Premier League and a higher seeding for the DGL Championship play-offs.  With a no-nonsense approach, captain of The Elite, Ricochet, has earned the respect of his comrades as he leads by example on and off the field. He was the catalyst in keeping the ties within the clan strong when things seemed bleak. He does not tolerate prima donnas but cherishes discipline, commitment and teamwork.

Coming up from the 2nd Division ASF Hawks weren’t the type of unit they have proved to be in this leg. They came on leaps and bounds it must be said and securing the services of their current captain Sabrefox91o send out a strong message to the rest. Sabrefox91o brought with him the discipline and commitment the team sorely missed in their 2nd division days. ASF Hawks can be proud of what they achieved so far by raising a few eyebrows in the process. Taking 2 teams to Rage is no mean feat thanks to hard work and a tenacious attitude.

Grand Bazaar Round 1: ASF started on the US side. After capping their gimme they held onto B alley for quite some time, managing to repel the TE infantry in those heated close quarter scrims. (TE)Ricochet remarked: “(ASF)Sabrefox91o dominated with his little F2000 on B alley”. TE tried to flank ASF a few times on B but the Hawks had eagle eyes on every angle.  ASF armor squad was happy to play a defensive role and baby sit A- flag while their infantry held B.  ASF soon couldn’t take the pressure as TE didn’t give them respite and lost B-alley. Henceforth it was a continual trade-off for B-flag as ASF would cap it once, only for TE to take it back again. This went on for some time until ASF lost B for the umpteenth time and called for the armor squad to move onto the enemy’s gimme. This didn’t work out every time which forced the ASF LAV to double back and defend their home flag. (ASF)Sabrefox91o remarked that they aimed for a 100 ticket win but had to settle for a 45 ticket victory.

Grand Bazaar Round 2: TE came out the blocks firing on all cylinders. ASF armor squad thought they could flank TE’s LAV near A via the bus road but the TE armor squad was already en route to C through highway. This resulted in both teams capping each other’s home flags. B-Alley was this time dominated by TE as they threw everything but the kitchen sink at ASF.(TE)Dusty36 managed a cheeky maneuver by planting a couple of mines at the entrance to A flag then hightailed it out of there. The ASF BMP caught sight of (TE) Dusty36 and came charging after him. The next second a gush of fire and wind tossed (TE)Dusty36 forward into the air like a rag doll. The BMP abruptly came to a halt, for a split second the crew inside looked towards each other as to say, WTF… 13 tons of metal and steel burst with flames, sending debris flying in all direction. The only remnants were twisted pieces of glowing metal and smoke billowing into the air.(TE)Dusty36 picked himself up, took one look at the once touted Russian engineering and rejoined the battle as his comrades cheered him on. At one stage TE drove their Humvee into B alley to weed out the opposition with the .50 cal mounted machine gun. When ASF retaliated by blowing up the Humvee, TE made use of the wreckage as makeshift cover, picking off unsuspecting foes from behind it. Whenever there was a stalemate on B flag, TE would have more engineers on B to win the burn. What led to the demise of ASF, apart from being out gunned and out played, can also be attributed to them breaching their own communication protocol. This hampered their focus and left little time to organize a well thought out strat.

Siene Crossing Round 1: TE had a terrible start to the game as their tank got wedged in between B-alley and flaming bus. ASF made short work of the vulnerable tank and pushed on from there. At one stage TE had all the flags and ended up with their entire team, including the tank battling over B flag. ASF took advantage of this opportunity to cap the three surrounding flags and finally wrestle control of B. A short spawn trap commenced against TE, taking out their tank repeatedly. TE managed to pull together and break out of spawn to cap a few flags. As the round tickets wound down it was all about damage limitation for TE, as they managed to lose with just under 100 tickets.

Siene Crossing Round 2: This round ASF faced a different animal. TE’s armor squad worked overtime as they had three engineers repairing their tank at any given time. The tank barely went down and was a constant threat to ASF’s armor and infantry alike, dominating everywhere it went. (ASF)Sabrebox91o cited: “(TE)Dusty36 was a beast in the tank”. Their infantry also stepped up their game securing flags and repelling any threat ASF might pose. Overall, TE asked too many questions and ASF couldn’t respond with anything concrete. TE took the round, the map and the game in what will surely not be the last game between these two great sides.

On a side note: TE publicly calls out A2K for a clannie on a convenient date. There has been bad blood between these two teams in the past and TE wants to set the record straight once and for all. If this match goes ahead it will arguably confirm who the best team is from the 2 groups in the first division. A2K captain can contact Dusty36 here: ( to discuss match details. Alternatively you can email me at


 Accidentally stumbles onto four soldiers

Game 2 (Grrr 2 v 0 A2K)

Grrr won Damavand Peak by 8-0 & 220-0

Grrr won Siene Crossing by 66-0 & 45-0

Tensions were slightly high for this match as Grrr needed to win at least 1 of their following 2 games to qualify for DGC. Playing against A2K, who were still undefeated, only made matters worse. (Thanks to [Grrr]Paul for most of the content.)


Damavand Peak Round 1: Grrr rush most of their team into B. Even though they arrived before A2K. A2K still managed to send them running with their tails between their legs. Meanwhile both choppers had traded, so there was also no chance of a back rage. Once the chopper respawned, Grrr pushed most of their team for the home flag of A2K, managing to cap it. The flags went back and forth as A2K repeatedly repelled Grrr from their flag. Finally in a desperation attack Grrr push both Infantry and Armor onto B. They manage to overwhelm the A2K forces turning a 36 – 11 deficit into a 8 ticket victory

Damavand Peak Round 2: Grrr again rush straight to B, however this time they retained their hold. A2K were forced to attack B as the Grrr air support was just too powerful. A2K only managed a slight cap on B, though it was futile. The round ended with a 220 ticket victory to Grrr.

Siene Crossing Round 1 & 2: Both rounds on Seine crossing were very similar. Grrr approached the game with the mindset of women buying shoes. Just keep getting more flags and don’t bother with the old ones. Grrr seemed to be almost talented to this specific task and adapted quite easily to the ever changing play. The rounds were long fought with C4 tanks flying about, Totsies stealing tags, and old men watching their team. Once the dust settled Grrr managed a small yet well-deserved victory over A2K and securing their place in the DGC finals at Rage.


Game 3 (SiB 2 v 0 oNe)

SiB won Grand Bazaar by SiB 3 – 0 & by 154 – 0

SiB won Davamant Peak by 93 – 0 & by 187 – 0

When asked what he thought was the catalyst in their victory SiB captain QuickyRSA responded with:       “What counted in our favor was playing together as a team, not as individuals. We have a lot of star players that thought they could win games on their own but you need to break them down and build them up again. We still have individuals whom are great, they know they are great but they still acknowledge that they are team players and in BF3 you need team players to win a game. Our infantry is on par with our tank squad and I would like to believe all our infantry players can play in a tank squad and vice versa. ”

Speaking to the leader of oNe, Spyker, I asked him if the team knew about his plans to end oNe Unity as a competitive entity and if this affected results on the field: “They knew there was something on the horizon but I only made it official after our match tonight” as the results go he stated: “No, for the last two weeks we kind of knew we weren’t performing (on) the level that the other guys were. I’m not taking anything away from SiB, they played well but I think we could have put up a better performance had we been (better) prepared and had less issues.”


Grand Bazaar Round 1: oNe had previously conquered the likes of ASF hawks on Bazaar and were upbeat about their chances. SiB had a shaky start to the round but managed to settle their nerves to cap B and home base. They initially tried a very defensive approach as they didn’t know oNe’s opening strat. Out of the blue and bumbling over rubble, oNe’s armour squad came screeching around Junction corner and side raged SiB’s IFV while they took the piss. That set alarm bells off as SiB regrouped to oust oNe from their gimme. From thereon it was tit-for-tat as the two teams exchanged home flags in a heated contest. SiB came away with the win by the skin of their teeth.  

Grand Bazaar Round 2: Since oNe lost the previous round by such a tight margin they were optimistic going into this round. However, SiB was not so forgiving in the second round. They capped both home and B alley with authority. Sib’s IFV was not idle by any stretch of the imagination as it garrisoned C while pumping B alley full of hot shells. At one point they had all three flags and put immense pressure on the opposition’s gimme. From thereon it was just about signed, sealed and delivered as they kept hold of two flags while foiling any flank attempts.

Damavand Peak Round 1: Since Damavand Peak is one of SiB’s favourite maps it went pretty well. SiB got a lot of bodies on B and things went well, until oNe’s tank showed up. They lost the tank battle and B flag with it. oNe managed to bleed a handsome amount of tickets while defending B. At that point it was time for a different approach as SiB send in their chopper over the mountain to cap oNe’s gimme without too much resistance. SiB slugged it out while holding the two outer flags and warded off oNe’s expected onslaught.

Damavand Peak Round 2: As SiB started from the Russian side, it took longer to get the tank onto B flag, already occupied by oNe’s staunch armour. Since they had little chance of taking B flag, they managed to slip a soldier unseen, driving the Vodnik, through B and in behind enemy lines to cap the back flag. SiB held onto the two outer flags without much fuss. oNe was being out played and they knew it. oNe’s air superiority they  relied on wasn’t quite there since one of their key flank tactics depended on it. Furthermore, their engineers would get back raged and leave their tank easy pickings. Ultimately their biggest let-down was lack of team work. oNe was pretty much a sitting duck as SiB had all angles covered in this one sided mismatch. It goes without saying that oNe had given up the ghost.

Game 4 (SSG 2 v 1 HpX)

HpX won Damavand Peak by 137 – 0 & Lost by 66-0

SSG won  Grand Bazaar by 222-0 & 41-0

SSG won Siene Crossing by 8-0 & 124-0

This match had a bit of everything, from epic fails, to come backs and some questionable decisions. It was by no means a walk in the park for either team but SSG did prevail in the end. When questioned about their final league standing SSG captain TheVovo said: “5th wasn’t our goal, we were aiming for a Top 3 finish because we wanted to go to Rage. Now we have to get to Rage via the Novice Cup.” That is very possible for a capable SSG side however the Novice Cup can boast some tricky and formidable teams such as iK , Vi, BoD and PewPew. With a favorable draw, solid team work and luck SSG might still accompany their 1st team to Rage.    


 (diM)Blood going in for the kill

Damavand Peak Round 1: This round started off abysmal for SSG by losing an infantry squad member due to internet cap. Surprisingly they didn’t have a reserve on standby and it was up to the remaining seven to tough it out. However, in fairness they lost a few players hence the bare bone line-up. With the chopper needing a pilot, they were another man down on the ground. HpX smelled blood and they weren’t about to show mercy.  SSG’s advancement into the tunnel didn’t pay off as they were out manned and out gunned. On the up side, they managed to cap the opposition’s gimme but couldn’t hold on for long. Adding insult to injury, they had their chopper hijacked, proving once again HpX is not to be messed with on the Peak, albeit against seven flustered soldiers.  Every so often, chopper pilot Hybrid, would harass their gimme or peak over the mountain then dart back to HQ. This tactic further worn down the SSG arsenal as they were left with useless SAMs, which didn’t harm the enemy tank. It reminds me of the time I frequented a bar in Johannesburg (with two of my fellow Namibians) and tried to charm a lovely lady only to find out she used me to buy her and her girlfriends drinks. Lesson learned, wp and gg.PS. Did I mention she played for the “other” team as well?

Damavand Peak Round 2: The cavalry arrived for SSG as they wrestled a student from his books to fill up the ranks and turn the tide of war. Kudos to HpX for waiting on the 8th player. Even so the round was relatively balanced only for SSG to come up trumps.

Grand Bazaar Round 1: SSG were teeming with confidence as they went into the match with their tails high. They were well organised in the middle, taking B and shutting out any challenge. Their APC encountered no real resistance from a beleaguered HpX armour squad and took the round without breaking a sweat.  

Grand Bazaar Round 2: HpX had the mental strength to put aside a heavy defeat in the first round and came back much stronger in an exciting yet uncanny second round. Having said that, SSG did not make life easier for themselves as they essentially gave away B flag, in order to take out the enemy APC. This move back fired royally, as they lost their LAV and scrambled back to base for some humble pie. Giving up is not SSG’s motto and they were eventually rewarded by over powering the enemy APC to hold both outer flags. At this time they were still down in the ticket count but secured a vital flag and made B alley ripe for the ol’ sandwich move. Whether HpX still thought their gimme was safe or if they thought B is the only spawn point, only they will know because SSG was happy to keep both flags. Eventually it dawned on them to spawn from base to recap their home flag. However, it was too little too late because as soon as they took back their gimme, SSG pounced on B alley and took a slender win.    

Siene Crossing Round 1: If one could bore your opponents to death than this strat worked for one of these two teams. To say that slow and steady wins the race, is putting things mildly. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. SSG won,  \insert sleepy smily here/

Siene Crossing Round 2: Starting from the Russian side, SSG had the upper hand as far as location is concerned. They had the higher ground and could cover most flanks as any respected war commander can tell you. Suffice to say, SSG took advantage of this. With C building, a fortress on its own, and D well defended, HpX were left to tussle between A and B. Staring defeat in the face and not much going their way, HpX went for broke. A few stalwart comrades were selected to lay down their lives in the name of HpX as RPGs were swopped for yeah, you guessed it… C4. Now don’t get me wrong folks, I like a good ol’ jihad jeep or kamikaze jet just as much as the next guy but when I heard this for the first time I couldn’t help but break into a smile. I mean, how many times in a clannie do you see little Rambos materializing out of every conceivable spawn point or corner, hell bent on blowing up your tank only to be cast aside by a canister shell or ripped apart by the .50 cal to be remembered as a red stain against a wall (over and over again)? In truth, some sacrifices were not in vain as the besieged tank driver testified. In the end a quite comfortable win for SSG.


Game 5 (diM 2 v 0 GT)

diM won Sharqi Peninsula by 135-0 & 170-0

diM won Sinene Crossing by 217-0 & 223-0

Fresh from a pick n play match where GT earned the respect of TE, it was disappointing to see them slump into mediocrity thanks to the beating they endured at the hands of a cocky diM side. GT mustered a respectable effort on Sharqi but on Siene Crossing it was one way traffic to hell on the diM Express. It’s back to the drawing board for GT as they will have to reorganize themselves and possibly bring in new talent to give them a boost.

diM has been unlucky this leg, suffering a close defeat at the hands of TE and losing against the likes of VnR in what can only be described as bad luck. However, they will be going to Rage to prove a point not only to the doubters but to themselves as well. With the potential diM has in their lineup, it’s no wonder why top players want to join such a promising team. However, at Rage they will have their work cut out for them as there will be no easy matches. Potential means nothing if you cannot pull it off when it matters most.


Watch the video above to see what happens next.

Sharqi Peninsula Round 1:  diM started on the attacking side and immediately pushed down the left flank of A, laying waste to enemy infantry while their tank engaged GT’s armor on the hill side near B. As they made their way through the carnage and past the remains of the enemy tank, diM capped C to hold all flags and prepared for another onslaught. GT regrouped to take back B and later A. They locked horns with diM in another epic struggle for the middle ground. diM managed to wrestle control of B and A once again but lost C in the process.  GT put up a brave fight but were ultimately done for when their tank was sitting pretty in spawn only for (diM)Blood to claim it for himself.  To put things in perspective, after diM “acquired” the enemy tank, what with brand spanking new number plates, a fresh light grey base coat and engine number grinded off to be sure, they only lost 5 tickets the rest of the round. diM won by out capping GT to end the round abruptly.

Sharqi Peninsula Round 2: Swaggering into the second round, they reeked of complacency. diM paid for their overconfidence as GT pushed them hard and fast in the opening stages. Catching diM with their pants down GT secured the TV Station (C flag). diM came to their senses and made a solid push for C with success. However, GT was not to be undone as they took A soon after losing C. A skirmish on the mountain (near B flag) ensued, that took its toll on the entire GT team. (diM) Cursed managed to steal GT’s tank and was quite chuffed with himself as he went on his merry way until six unannounced rockets from a rowdy  engie squad greeted him. Yippee-ki-yay Mother$#%&@*  

(diM)Ninja jumped into his tank. Donning the famous Chuck Norris face he rammed the enemy tank from B into A causing the hapless tank operator to drive over not one, not two but three of his own engineers. Although a comfortable win for diM in the end, much praise goes to the GT snipers ([GT]Shadowsniper comes to mind) that eliminated most of their infantry squad at certain stages.

Siene Crossing Round 1: Both teams started off capping their respective flags without too much trouble as is often the case on this map. Early on, diM’s Bravo squad quickly ended a rush attempt by GT on B flag. diM’s Infantry squad tried to push for C through toad(or C flag-A flag connector) but GT anticipated the move and swiftly dealt with them. Fortunately for diM, Mcawesome flanked around C bend to wait for the spawn bomb and back rage GT on C flag. It was a case of wait and see for diM as GT lost the advantage with C flag. GT’s tank threat was minimal as it was taken out most times. When they did manage to take out diM armor, their tank was left exposed and easily taken out. It wasn’t long before diM secured all flags and obliged by spawn trapping GT.

Siene Crossing Round 2: This round was pretty similar to the previous one where diM took A instead of C. There were a few epic battles and some wtf moments (Blood placing C4 on tank and only blowing himself up with the tank unscathed).However, diM’s infantry easily out smarted and out matched GT’s and the armor battles were no different. diM took the round by an even bigger margin in a heavily lopsided round of ownage.

Link to group Standings: 

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Note: I will be releasing a frank and indepth interview featuring oNe owner Spyker very soon. We talk about why oNe BF3 team disbanded, poaching players and much more.

I’d like to thank the following people for their input:

Justin “Poepol” Eloff for proof reading and condensing the A2K v Grrr write-up

Paul from Grrr for writing the initial A2K v Grrr match report

diM clan and Blood for providing Screenshots and video footage. He spent up untill the wee hours of the morning to complete it for me.

To all the clans that gave me their time to interview them : diM, TE, ASF Hawks, SSG packet loss, oNE Unity & SiB Hammer.


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