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BF3 1st Division News – Week 5

This is a blog from Lesley 'Scrapm3tal' Orren around the Battlefield 3 DGL. It comes from the Do Gaming community blog. Anyone can blog at the Do Gaming community blog - just set up an account and you're good to go.

Bloggers who blog about the DGL up until the DGL 2012 Championships also go into a draw for an Alienware X51 PC.

Thanks to Orren for the blog!

Come at me Bro!!!


Week 5 of the DGL 1st Division kicked off in style as some of the top teams went all out to cement their place in the upper echelons of the two groups to qualify for the DGL 2012 Championships and Novice Cups; not to mention the End of year LAN playoffs. Unfortunately, there were two games won by default as DC and d4rK disbanded recently.  

 Game 1( VnR 2 v 0 SSG)

VnR win Grand Bazaar by 54-0 & 172-0

VnR win Siene Crossing by  72-0 & lost 0-62

VnR has played SSG a few times and almost always came up second best. However, it was a different story this time around when they beat SSG on both Grand Bazaar and Siene Crossing and finally put one over their rivals.  

VnR started on Bazaar (US Side) and immediately fell behind thanks to SSG superior armor play, although not for long. Fortunately,   VnR managed to regroup before SSG can take a foothold in the map. VnR’s infantry managed to wrestle control of B and secure it for the better part of the 1st round. Their armor squad succeeded to take out the SSG LAV and take the opposition’s gimme flag. Eventually they took all the flags and win the round.

2nd round: VnR used the same tactics, avoiding the SSG armor squad and moved  back and forth to cap A and C whilst holding B.  As they secured all flags once again the tickets dropped fast and managed a comfortable win.

Siene Crossing. VnR started on RU side and were able to take out the opposition Tank by attacking from the flanks. However, it was never easy as they struggled to take flags but managed to hold flags longer than SSG and took the 1st round.

2nd round: SSG’s Dup_ZA was a beast in C and held that position like a baws, forcing VnR to battle it out for D flag which was a bloodbath. Both tanks were evenly matched as they traded blows most of the time. However, VnR finally broke through to take C. As they say: with C goes D and it was no different this time as they made a consolidated push for D flag. They managed to bring down the ticket count to below 72 but it wasn’t enough to take the round.

  • No players dropped during the game however both teams made a substitution between maps.

Game 2 (SiB 2 v 0 Grrr)

SiB win Sharqi Peninsula by 165-0 & lost 0-127

SiB  win Damavant Peak  by 132-0 & 11-0


(SiB)Moose letting loose


SiB unleashed their undefeated blade maestro A.K.A. Moose to settle the knife round and he duly delivered, giving SiB dibs on the map selection.

The start of the round saw Grrr came down hard on A flag, like a bull on steroids. After a tough struggle for A, Grrr took the flag and pushed up. However, SiB managed to keep their cool and defended the 2 remaining flags quite comfortably as the score suggest.

2nd round: After SiB managed to cap A their tank won B flag after numerous failed attempts. However, Grrr fought back valiantly to take back A and hold C. SiB’s strength was bested by Grrr in this round as they lost the round. However, because of SiB’s slightly bigger ticket win the previous round they managed to scrape the win on an unfamiliar map.

Damavand Peak was a familiar sight in strategy for Grrr as they came out from the RU side with Humvees spit firing, Tanks crushing through the dirt and RPGs lighting up the claustrophobic tunnel scene. Madness and anxiety gripped the air inside the Tunnel as two veteran teams started world war 3. As the dust settled, it was back and forth for both teams as they tried to out cap each other. SiB managed to hold off the Grrr threat and took the round rather comfortable in the end.

2nd round: It was a much closer affair in the 2nd as both teams were made to sweat blood. SiB stayed on their feet and made sure the opposition tank couldn’t get B, forcing the Grrr infantry to make sacrifices otherwise avoided. SiB won the round by 11 tickets! One of the closest rounds in this leg.

Captain of SiB, Quicky said: “I would just like to thank the guys in Hammer, you guys are rock solid. Well played to Grrr, you guys gave a good run for our money!! Well played to all!!”


Game 3 (diM 2 v 1 HpX)

HpX win Damavand Peak by 39-0

HpX win Damavand Peak by 205-0

diM win Siene Crossing by 121-0  

diM win Siene Crossing by 142-0  

diM win Grand Bazaar by 107-0

diM win Grand Bazaar by 189-0


THIS is NOT (HpX)Hybrid


Damavand Peak was always going to be an uphill battle for diM since HpX has an ace pilot (Hybrid) between the sticks and had connection issues. With air superiority at their disposal, HpX send their chopper behind enemy lines to cap the opposition’s home flag and back rage the opposition with the ol’ spawn bomb tactic. Even though diM managed to cap B, they constantly had to worry about their six and had to retreat back to their gimme flag and stop the intruders on A. Hence, that gave HpX the opportunity to overwhelm diM and take back B. It was a close encounter but HpX managed to take the round.

2nd round: A disaster for diM in this round as their Captain, Blood, constantly got disconnected from the match. Without leadership, air inferiority and constant flanking by HpX they were left for dead as HpX romped them and wrapped up the 2nd round in style.

Siene Crossing was an opportunity for diM to even the tie and force a 3rd map decider. diM set out to do just that. It was a game of chess in this slow and sluggish encounter as it seemed both teams played not to lose rather than to win. Most of the armor encounters was long range and the team with the better engineers won those. However, halfway through the round diM made headway with a smart maneuver to destroy the entire facade of D building and cap the flag. From thereon, they moved between C and D and took the round.

2nd round: A much more cheerful affair as diM bombarded through C to take A early on in the game. diM had the majority of the flag throughout the round and managed to take the map, tying the match and forcing a final map.

Event of note: in the middle of the round, (diM)Ninja rushed down flaming bus road, past D and towards B with his tank, directly in line with the enemy tank. No one really knows what happened next but I assume (HpX)Ginger_Ninja tried to avoid being rammed then backed up so far only to drive his own tank into the river. lol    

Grand Bazaar. diM started on RU Side and had B secured early on. HpX struggled to see off diM by direct approach in the alley and so resorted to flanking them from either kitchen alley or via the bus road access. They even tried to smoke the alley. This didn’t have the desired effect so they brought in the big gun (LAV) to shoot down diM’s infantry on B. However, diM had their IFV mobile on the double and took out the enemy LAV from behind and won the round.

2nd round: This was a comfortable win for diM as they took out the enemy armor on a few occasions and locked down B for the most part of the round.

Game 4 (ASF 2 v 0 GT)

ASF win Operation Metro by 274-0 & 305-0

ASF win Siene Crossing by 194-0 & 186-0

Considering GT are the minnows of group B they were thoroughly beaten by a superior ASF in a one sided match..  

Game 5 (TE 2 v 0 d4rK)

TE win by default since d4rK disbanded a few weeks ago.

Game 6 (oNe 2 v 0 DC)

oNe wins by default since DC disbanded.

Game 7 (A2K 2 v 0 BzK)

No scores available.

Link to group Standings:

Most Anticipated Fixtures:

TE v ASF Hawks

This is arguably the most anticipated game of group B and rightly so. ASF are currently top of group B with one defeat and TE are in 3rd but still unbeaten. With the recent hacking scandal hitting at the heart of TE, involving the now ousted JudgeVoo, TE are looking to put the unfortunate events behind them and cement their fast rise to the top of the 1st Division with a win against a formidable and highly motivated ASF team. A win would guarantee TE a place in the Premier League, a feat quite amazing for a relatively new team.

ASF got their own aspirations and can back it up with a quality line up. They are also looking to get the automatic promotion place but would have to beat TE and hope they have a better overall ticket difference.

TE vs ASF is scheduled for 20 August 2012 @ 8pm on server:  ZA SGS SOD ASF vs TE

A2K v oNe

This game has the potential to be very interesting. A2K are still undefeated in group A and are looking in good shape for that automatic promotion spot. However, oNe will be looking to exploit any signs of complacency as they certainly have the mettle to cause an upset. My money is on A2K because I think they will have too much fire power in the long run and certainly have the momentum with them. One thing is for sure, this match will have it all.

A2K v oNe is scheduled for 16 August 2012 @8pm(Tentatively)

Transfer News and Rumours

Dim recently recruited 3 new players. Mcawesome is an infantry player that brings a lot of professionalism and discipline to the team and a welcome addition since the demotion of Crusher of former NBD fame. It’s his first Battlefield clan but has a wealth of experience in Counterstrike. PsychoticKing is also new to the team with a great shot and add that extra cohesion to their armor squad. Serenity has not been assigned to a squad but come next year I’m sure he will have a part to play.

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