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Battlefield 3 Week One Final Match

With week one of the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Battlefield 3 Winter Leg almost over, there is in fact only one match left to be played in Premier and First Division for the week. Our final clash sees [grrr]Baggers take on [TE]Infamous in both teams' opening match of the Leg.

[TE]Infamous is no stranger to Premier Division and just missed a podium finish in the Summer Leg after achieving fourth place, a feat I’m sure they would like to improve on this season. However, their opponent is definitely not one to be taken lightly, as [grrr]Baggers are playing with nothing to lose.

[grrr]Baggers managed to squeak into the Premier Division thanks to the disqualification of =iK=Syntax in their Summer Playoff group, giving them the chance to move up for the Winter Leg. With luck on their side and a second chance at the big time, [grrr]Baggers will surely be looking to put their best foot forward and come out all guns blazing in the Winter Leg.

Do you think [TE]Infamous has what it takes, or are [grrr]Baggers going to stick it to them and cause and upset? Vote and comment below.

I know better than to vote against [grrr]Baggers.
[TE]Infamous will defeat their opponents.

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