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Battlefield 3 Summer Playoffs – Preliminary Results are in

All our matches in the Premier and Breakthrough Summer Playoffs are almost done in the Telkom Do Gaming League (2013), with only two inconsequential games left in Group B of the Breakthrough Playoffs left to play. This means that we can finally take a look at who is moving up a Division and who didn’t quite make the cut. Let’s look at the Premier Playoffs first.

Premier Playoffs:

Our final match of the Premier Playoffs happened last night with PewPewRampokkers taking down [SiB] Hammer to claim the second Premier spot in Group B for the Winter Leg. PewPewRampokkers now stand alongside =iK=Syntax as the two teams being promoted to Premier Division from Group B.

Group A saw its last match played a few days ago with =ASF=AquilA managing a perfect 3 – 0 – 0 score in their group and guaranteeing themselves a Premier position. BzK-Furia only lost one game in Group A and with two victories under their belt secured themselves a solid second position finish in Group A and that final Premier Division place for the Winter Leg.

However, with the rumoured disbanding of =iK=Syntax after the recent banning of one of their players, Jade “Ghost_Soldier007” Posthmus, we may see some intrigue yet before the end of the Battlefield 3 Summer Playoffs.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

Breakthrough Playoffs:

Group A has finished all the Summer Playoff games, and the preliminary results are in. DvGǂMisFiTs showed their determination to be in First Division for the next leg, achieving a perfect 4 – 0 – 0 overall. [SSG] Packet Loss is our other team to make it through from Group A, as they only lost one of their games throughout the Playoffs.

Group B still has two games left to play, but none of them will adversely affect how the group stands at the moment. Our First place in Group B is [NSD] Sons of Chaos who have completed all of their matches, scoring 17 points with a 4 – 0 – 1 game tally. |BFC| Crankers is our current second place, and still has the potential to finish first in Group B as they have one game remaining against (Anw)AntiNaggingWives this evening and have won all four of their games so far.

The only question left after the Summer Playoffs are done is how these teams will stir the pot in their Divisions for the Winter Leg. Do you think we’re going to see some upsets in the coming months? Give us your predictions.

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