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First Battlefield 3 Results for DGC 2012

The first round of the Battlefield 3 Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) has come to an end and here are the results.

Bravado led the pack in Group A with a huge 244 tickets over 8 against HpX|DEMONS Rage while [TE]Infamous_rAgers enjoyed a 142 lead over 20 from [SiB]Ragers.

Meanwhile, ASF enjoyed a massive lead in Group B with 336 tickets against BzK-Furia who ended with 0. DivinediM got their win over RFH Black Legion R who had 0 tickets by the end of the game.

Group C's big winner was SSG UW with 319 tickets over zero from ASF=Hawks_ECS while NSD=Sons Of rAge ended with a 193 ticket lead over iK=iConik with zero.

The final group had Gs.Redemption with their huge 396 win over SSG PL who ended with 0 while |BFC|rAgeQuit3rS has 120 over the zero score from [grrr]rAging Baggers.

Bravado Bravado

What does this mean?

ASF Hawks are on the back foot but not by too much just yet as they are facing =iK=iConik next, a game they should win. Meanwhile, NSD are due to face SSG UW next which could be a great game with NSD looking to push through this stage of the champs. Gs and BFC will be going head to head in group D while another interesting game will be between grrrr and SSG PL.

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