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Battlefield 3 Premier Division NSD vs SSG Recap

An exciting match took place last night in the Battlefield 3 (BF3) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2013 Winter Leg, as [NSD]Sons of Liberty took on [SSG] Umshiniwam in a match of Premier Division veterans.

Do Gaming caught up with Tyron “Prokill” Bataille, captain of the NSD squad, and Jean “WraithFiend” Barendse, vice – captain of [SSG] Umshiniwam, to found out what they thought about the rounds.

The first map was Terhran, definitely not the most played map in the BF3 DGL, and Bataille commented that they didn’t expect to play Terhran, and was expecting to play Metro and Sharqi, but they did have a strategy planned for Terhran nonetheless, just in case it was ever played.

Let’s see what the players thought of their rounds:

Terhan, Round 1:

Bataille: (US) Possibly one of our strongest performances on Terhran, only losing 26 tickets and none of our armour going down. We got into our spots and just held making it near impossible for SSG to break out line. I believe their armour was far too passive and sat in all the incorrect spots for that map.

Barendse: (RU) We made the mistake of being too passive, and not pushing aggressively for B. Our tank was just exchanging shots with theirs over the map, and not really adding anything to our other pushes. They held B the entire game, and we bled out on tickets.

The Battlefield 3 DGL is sponsored by EA.

Terhan, Round 2:

Bataille: (RU) Much better start for SSG on this round but still lost their armour far too much due to poor positioning. We lost B once and successfully pushed it and got it back we then built our line of defence and dug in. One mistake we did make was an attempt to push both our vehicles to A.

Barendse: (US) We capped B from the start, but once again not enough defence against their aggressive push onto B made us lose the flag. Constant high ground advantage for them kept us busy at the A flag. Until I called an APC push to C instead of going for B as our driver wanted to. We bled them for a while with A and C control, but they just wrapped around and took C again.

Barendse knew that their passiveness was ultimately what cost them the map, and a more aggressive approach on Tehran was definitely needed if they were going to take the win.

The second map was Metro, a more familiar map to both sides, and one that they had played in a practice scrim against each other just a few days before. Bataille remarked that the NSD side definitely felt more comfortable on this map than in the past, as NSD has evolved from an armour-based team to a great infantry squad as well. Let’s see what they had to say:

Metro, Round 1:

Bataille: (RU) As US we pushed B flag and had a little resistance stopping our first push, we re-gathered and did it again this time taking the flag and totally locking SSG out around tickets. (Sorry tickets were sold out)

Barendse: (US)We had some strong pushes to get the B flag, but couldn't really get into a solid position to keep them from entering lockers. They'd swarm lockers, clean up and then retake B. Mixing up our pushes we took the flag back multiple times, but just not holding it long enough.

Metro, Round 2:

Bataille: (US) The round we went into quietly confident, as SSG had a huge task to win by more than 241 tickets. This time they put far more pressure on us and almost locked us out at 300 tickets, but a well coordinated push got us on to B and locked them out. We sometimes exchanged back flags.

Barendse: : We got the early B flag cap and held out vs. two or so waves of attacks,fending off the smoke pushes, but seems we didn't have the line covered onto red stairs, as they just built up there and then swarmed bottom lockers, pushing up lockers and clearing out our rear defence. Pushing up from RU side didn't go that well for us, as smoke pushes failed time and time again, trying to force into lockers instead of picking off some people, and 'then' making the push.

Barendse added although the second map went better than the first, the SSG squad still struggled to maintain possession of the flags. They are going to be looking to work on better positioning in the future, as their defence could use a little tightening up.

With their victory over [SSG]Umshiniwam, [NSD]Sons of Liberty now look towards their Week Six match still undefeated, as they are to face against RFH Black Legion on Sunday. NSD are vigilant about giving weekly updates on their matches, head to their website below for a full roundup of this match:

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