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Battlefield 3 Match between [grrr] and PewPew – The Captains Talk

Our weekend battlefield 3 match saw [grrr]Baggers playing PewPewRampokkers, with PewPewRampokkers grabbing an exciting win. I managed to catch up with the captains of the teams, Quentin “TygerQB’ Hugget from [grrr] and Richard ‘RedRover’ Mitchell, to see what they had to say about the game.

Telkom Do gaming (DG): Sunday was an exciting game between the two teams. How did you feel the game went for your team?

Mitchell:It went very well for us. We were well prepared for a tough game as [grrr] are a wily bunch.

Huggett:It was a fun game. Pew are great sports and the game was played in a good spirit.We went in under prepared and it showed in the result. Had we been better prepared and a bit more focused I think we could have made a better showing.We were to slow to react to their pushes, and our rusty shooting cost us.On the night Pew were just too strong for us.

DG: What happened during the rounds?

Mitchell:The first map we played was Damavand peak. As much as we like the map we consider it a possible trap as it is very linear and when things go wrong on Damavand they can go very wrong. Fortunately our plan worked and we spent most of the two rounds fighting off very determined attacks by Grrr on the B flag.

The second map was Seine. We had built up momentum from Damavand and we were determined to press home the advantage, we made a point of continually keeping them under pressure and it paid off. There was continual movement between the flags at the beginning of each round but we wore them down and where able to have possession of three flags for most if the two rounds and it was the ticket bleed that won it for us.

Huggett: First map was Damavand. The initial engagement at B is all important. We met there tank, and took it out, unfortunately they got our tanks seconds later and due to some good flanking pushed our troops of the flag.

Our chopper lost the initial chopper battle. From then on it was a matter of us trying to find a way in, but they had all paths locked down too tight. After they stole our chopper the round was effectively over.

Second round, we made a better showing. Taking and holding B and our back flag. Pew managed to push us off B, but we reacted well by taking their back flag. We held a decent lead for a while. But our team split on both sides of the mountain meant pew were able to push as off their back flag. We tried to take B at that stage and did at time, but pew proved too strong, pushing us out to our back flag and holding us there.

Second Map was Siene. This boiled down to great work by pew with their tank. We committed a lot of guys to take it out, which left us thin on the ground defending flags which they took advantage of.
We reacted to slowly to their pushes and were on the back foot from the outset.

In the second round we fared a bit better holding our two flags for longer, and even having three flags at one stage. But pew reacted faster than us, and we could not stop their assaults.

The Battlefield 3 DGL 2013 is sponsored by EA

DG: What were the highlights of the game for you?

Mitchell: The highlight for us must be when Jonathan “ Nomnom” King stole Grrrs helicopter during the Damavand rounds. It reduced the pressure on our home flag and allowed us to focus on our defense of the B flag. It is kind of like when you are a kid and you take someone’s toy from them.

Huggett: There were a number of close fought battles on foot. Pew just had better team work. My highlight was last round on Siene. Fought hard in the C courtyard, managed to take out two of their players,three times in a row, but the third kept reviving them, and due to the long reload of the AEK I couldn’t get them all in time, till after the third time they overwhelmed me. Was a fun fight though.

DG: Who do you feel was the MvP (Best Player) of the match?

Mitchell: Ouch. That is a difficult choice as everyone played every well. If forced to choose I would have to say it’s a toss-up between Jonathan “Nomnom” King with his heroics in the heli on Damavand and Matthew “MDKSmiley” Taljaard with the tank on Seine.

Huggett: Probably Bryce "Axen" Gething, that Kid can shoot. Either that or he is dirty hacker. *smiles*

DG: How do you feel about your remaining game(s)?

Mitchell:We only have one match left in the playoffs versus SIB and it’s do or die for both of us. It’s going to be interesting as we both like the same maps and we enjoy playing SIB as they are great guys and they love a good battle. Hooah!

Huggett:We excited about playing SIB, always a fun match against them and we have a score to settle. We think we have a good chance against them. IK they a bit unknown to us, but we will see how it goes(If we can ever get the match scheduled). Overall we just back to enjoying the game and taking a more relaxed attitude to it. If we stay in Premier good, if we go down to 1st div just as good.The pressure of Premier took away some of our enjoyment of the game, so this next leg we will be playing more for the enjoyment than the results.

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